The goal of our Emory Campus Services community is to create and nurture the very best work experience for our employees who dedicate themselves to serving our students, faculty and staff. Emory’s commitment is to ensure that everyone is treated with respect, caring and compassion, and that we work together to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion.   

We are deeply concerned with the experiences that have been expressed by current and former Campus Services staff, as described in a recent Emory Wheel story and editorial. The behavior experienced by our employees is inconsistent with our values as an institution and as a community that we aspire to be.  If even one of our employees has encountered a difficult experience in the workplace, we need to be aware so we can confront and resolve the situation, not only for the individuals involved, but for the well-being of the entire community.  

We take these reported allegations and related experiences very seriously. Our pledge to all of our employees is that we will work toward meaningful change so that all community members feel valued.  

Through new and ongoing initiatives, we will continue to improve communication and transparency in our operation and offer training and development opportunities to enable all to thrive personally and professionally. We are committed to keeping our community updated on our progress and path forward.

Christopher Augostini is the executive vice president for business and administration and chief financial officer at Emory University.