On Friday, January 18, 2013, the editorials section of the Wheel published an editorial in which a student made unsupported allegations against University President James W. Wagner.

I would first like to say that the Wheel does not share the values or sentiments expressed in any of the editorials it publishes other than with its staff editorial. This has always been the policy but it bears repeating.

With regards to the editorial in reference, I decided to remove the piece from our website. Aside from the question of whether the allegations are true, I am dismayed and sincerely apologetic, to President Wagner in particular, that the piece, itself, did not go through proper editorial channels before being published. I take accusations very seriously, and this piece should have received more editorial oversight than exercised. Such oversight is designed to ensure that our content is sufficiently supported or credible.

The Emory Wheel, by charter, is a student newspaper, but as editors we hold ourselves to higher standards. We strive to serve the Emory community to the best of our ability, but at times we falter in that mission. When those moments arise, I expect the Emory community to hold us accountable for our missteps, and for us, as a paper, to learn from our mistakes.

Evan Mah
Editor in Chief