Grab your togas and sandals. It’s about to get Roman up in here.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar, DJ 3Lau and comedian Hannibal Buress will perform during this year’s Dooley’s Week, the theme of which is “Doolius Caesar Presents: When in Rome, Dooley as the Romans Do.”

Dooley’s Week will take place from April 1-6.

Lamar will perform on McDonough Field on Friday, April 5 and 3Lau will perform the following night for Dooley’s Ball, the culmination of Dooley’s Week, on McDonough Field as well.

This year’s Dooley’s Week will be different in that Dooley’s Ball will serve as the ending of the week, where as in previous years that hasn’t been the case, according to Goizueta Business School Junior and Dooley’s Week co-chair Raghvi Anand.

Buress will be performing in Glenn Memorial on Thursday, April 4.

Student Programming Council (SPC) incorporated Spring Band Party into Dooley’s Week this year in an effort to bring more widely known artists that more Emory students could enjoy, according to College junior and Dooley’s Week co-chair Graham Pansing Brooks.

“By combining the budgets of the two events, we were able to jump into a new category of artists that would not be available to us individually,” Brooks wrote in an email to the Wheel.

Brooks added that after numerous brainstorming sessions, he and other SPC members established this year’s theme.

“We thought it was funny, and it is,” Brooks wrote. “We are hoping to utilize the theme throughout the entire week.”

Brooks hinted at the possibility of a toga-themed Dooley’s Ball.

College senior and SPC Band Party Chair Christopher Akavi wrote he wanted to book Lamar right from the start because “he just seemed like the logical choice.”

“When we first sent in an offer for him, things fell through, and I was honestly so disappointed about it,” Akavi wrote in an email to the Wheel. “Then one day, I got a call from the person who was producing his college tour, and he said that he would love to work something out with us.”

Now, Emory will be Lamar’s first stop on his spring college tour.

Akavi said Lamar was the perfect option for Dooley’s Week because his album dropped in the fall and was successful both financially and critically.

“I also saw that his music resonated with college kids, and his songs were constantly being played,” Akavi wrote.

According to Akavi, Lamar is at a point in his career where he is about to “blow up” and is currently one of the most sought after hip-hop artists.

As for DJ artist 3Lau, Akavi wrote 3Lau had previously played for smaller venues in Atlanta and wanted to come back to Atlanta to play for a larger crowd.

“[3Lau] was really excited at the prospects of playing in front of the whole school, and it was also a really easy process [to get him signed],” Akavi wrote.

3Lau will bring a lot of energy but also will be appealing to those who are not as enthusiastic about electronic dance music and just want to have a good time, Akavi wrote.

Akavi wrote he believes this year’s Dooley’s Week could have one of the biggest turnouts ever for the concert.

“I think when we booked Kendrick Lamar, we knew he was popular, but in the months following, his star power has far exceeded our expectations, and we are really excited to have an artist this popular and sought after performing on our campus,” Akavi wrote.

–By Nick Sommariva