KA to Replace MLAO on Eagle Row

14 Eagle Row is the historic home of Kappa Alpha Order./Ayushi Agarwal, Staff

Kappa Alpha Order (KA) will return to their “historic home” in Fall 2019 at 14 Eagle Row, according to Assistant Dean for Campus Life and Director of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life (OSFL) Marlon Gibson.

The space currently functions as the Media, Literature and Arts Outreach (MLAO) house, which was started in Fall 2015 as a themed house dedicated to the Emory arts, though any rising sophomore, junior or senior could apply to live in the house.

KA returned to campus one year early in Spring 2018 and recruited 24 members on campus this semester after it was suspended for three years for hazing violations in 2015.

The chapter has returned in time for its 150th year anniversary in 2019. Its founding in 1869 marks the establishment of Greek life at Emory’s Oxford campus.

KA President Connor Cione (19C) credited external support, including KA alumni and the national office, as a factor in rejuvenating the fraternity at Emory.

“We’re all very excited. We’ve been having a lot of momentum behind us,” Cione said. “There’s a lot of support from OSFL, from our alumni and from our national office.”

University officials decided to go against the Interfraternity Council (IFC) recommendation that the fraternity not be allowed to return early.

In 2015, then-Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life spokesperson David Furhman told the Wheel that KA would have to apply during the 2017-2018 academic year for colonization for the following year, and that KA would also have to apply for housing upon its return to campus. The house has been the MLAO house since Fall 2015, when it began.

MLAO resident Lisandra Perez (20C) said she feels uneasy about KA’s return to campus.

“I don’t know how fair it is,” Perez said. “If the reason they’re coming back is because Emory is allowing it, I don’t think that’s OK especially because we already have a really small art scene.”

MLAO President Nicholas Alvarez (16Ox, 18C) declined to comment, citing his busy schedule.

Cione said that the return marks an exciting period for the chapter. Cione also said that the fraternity has created a “brand-new relationship” with OSFL.

“Being able to restart gives us the opportunity to set whatever culture we’d like in the right direction,” Cione said.

Cionne said that the chapter understands the importance of following all national and OSFL policies regarding Greek life behavior.