Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches will open in Emory Village’s 1574 North Decatur Rd. lot by this Thanksgiving, according to an Emory Village Alliance (EVA) press release. Construction to renovate the vacated Chevron gas station which currently sits on the lot and transform it into the sandwich store began late August, the release said.

Building renovations for the sandwich store include the installation of new windows and a kitchen, indoor seating for about 20 patrons and outdoor seating for six to eight, as well as a 13-space parking lot and bike racks on both sides of the building, the release said.

Most Atlanta Jimmy John’s stores sell approximately 1,200 to 2,200 sandwiches a week, according to the  release.

The sandwich restaurant is known for its delivery services.. The new store will continue the trend of bicycle deliveries, which account for 35 to 40 percent of all business at other Jimmy John’s franchises, Pineda said in the release. Bicycle delivery is more efficient because it reduces the need for parking spaces and prevents unnecessary traffic and air pollution, he added.

Emory Village has been a potential site of expansion for the Jimmy John’s franchise for over six years, according to the  release.

Cynthia Tauxe, EVA board member and Project Management and Zoning/Design Guidelines Committee chair, said that EVA has also been hoping to replace the lot with a new business for years, but since the lot is private property, EVA was not involved in choosing which business to bring to Emory Village.

Businesses opening in Emory Village, a section of the Druid Hills Local Historic District, must meet the historic preservation guidelines, Tauxe said. According to the EVA guidelines, new development in Emory Village must match the patterns of existing buildings, remain safe for pedestrian use and achieve innovative, sustainable design plans. The recent removal of the canopy over the gas pump, for instance, required approval from the Dekalb County Historic Preservation Commission.

Last year, Sherlock’s Wine Merchant President Doug Bryant submitted a proposal to put a wine store in the Chevron lot. EVA declined the proposal for its inability to meet historic preservation guidelines on account of safety concerns regarding inadequate space for parking and landscaping issues, according to an EVA press release.

Students expressed excitement about the addition to Emory Village.

“They deliver and are open late? Well, welcome to the Village!” College junior Diane Glover said.

College freshman Emma Rollins shared Glover’s sentiment about Jimmy John’s. “Honestly, this is the best news I’ve gotten this year,” she said.