If you walked past Buckhead Theater at 7 p.m. on Oct. 25, you would’ve come across a massive line of people patiently waiting in pouring rain to see British R&B and pop singer Jessie J perform at her R.O.S.E. Tour concert. Their wait was not in vain, as Jessie J, along with openers Kiana Lede and Ro James, awed the audience with exceptional vocal performances. Each singer brought personality and expertise to the stage through song choice and audience interaction.

After Lede and James opened the concert, Jessie J came out to wild applause and chanting — a distinct change from a calmer to a more energetic mood. Although both openers were incredible singers who put effort and artistry into their craft, Jessie J has a talent for connecting with the crowd. All eyes were on her as she started with a few songs from her newest album, such as “Think About That” and “Not My Ex.” In between songs, she would casually chat with the audience. There was an intimate ambiance to the venue since the room was small and the crowd was standing. It allowed everyone to be physically closer to Jessie J, allowing her to talk to her audience more easily.

Throughout her performance, Jessie J had four outfit changes with mini intermissions filled by a voiceover of her talking about her career and life. She was very honest with her audience throughout the show. At one point, she discarded her microphone, earpiece and just sang a cappella. It was unusual, especially for a performer, to sing so bare. Even without the performance accessories, her voice was mesmerizing.

Jessie J encouraged people to sing along with her (as long as they were singing the correct lyrics, she joked). Twice during the show, she asked for a second microphone and let audience members sing with her. She invited a girl who’d battled and survived cancer up on stage to give a performance. She couldn’t stop praising the audience and thanking them for their support.

Jessie J didn’t just put on a show – she took the audience on a journey. Her voice was angelic and breath-taking. She was perfectly on pitch and reached high notes and low notes that didn’t seem possible; she had such a stunning control over her vocals that she made it look easy. It’s no wonder she’s as good as singers like Lady Gaga and Adele.

From the very first song by Lede to Jessie J finishing with the popular “Domino,” every second of the concert was magnificent. When the show started, Lede introduced the crowd to a few mellow tunes with deep bass in the background such as “Get In the Way” and “EX.” She picked up the pace as her set continued with catchy beats like “Wicked Games.” Her voice itself was refreshing with a relaxed tone and extensive vocal range. The music was enchanting, and the lights dimmed to reds, blues and greens to match her smooth tone. James, the second opener, is a German singer-songwriter who recently released his debut album “Eldorado,” in 2016. His performance was just as captivating as Kiana’s with his effortless vocal tone and catchy songs.

With both a voice that could move mountains and a personality that made every single person feel connected to her, Jessie J’s concert was the best I’ve ever seen live. I’m still amazed by how she took control of the Buckhead Theater stage. Beyond that, both openers were good prologues to her performance as they fit with her set very well, having similar styles and voices. I would recommend a Jessie J concert to anyone, since seeing this concert made me realize just how good vocalists can sound live.