If you are considering building a startup business Emory is not the worst place to look to as there are different initiatives to help a local startup to get a successful start. The possibility to get a helping hand is out there and this article will share some of your options.  

A startup can be a great way to activate your academic studies and to make them helpful outside the academic arena. If you have a great idea or you want to try your luck in creating a startup business, you should take all the help you can get from local and online services. You can read about some of them in this article. 

The Emory Startup Launch

The Emory Start-up launch is a program to help small start-up businesses grow. In collaboration with the university, the program is free and open to the Emory community to help the entrepreneurs of Emory. This program is a great opportunity to help you to realize your entrepreneurial dream as you will get professional guidance through the important process. The Emory Start-up launch is a ten-week program where you get the possibility to develop your business idea and test it. The program will help by testing the idea through among other things customer feedback. Every step in the program is meant to help you create a more solid idea ending up with a successful start-up launch. 

Through this program, you will learn a lot of business-orientated skills. A good startup pitch is important and this will also be on the schedule. 

You will get methods and knowledge that can help you create a strong business for example by focusing on how you should be aware of the customers and adjust your business accordingly. 

As it is free you should not hesitate to send an application but note that you can apply in a group of a maximum of four members one of who has to be a student, alumni, or member of Emory University.

Alternative ideas to help your start-up

If you cannot apply for the Emory start-up launch, there are other ways to find inspiration and help when building a start-up business. Different online platforms can help you in the process of establishing an online presence like www.domainify.com providing you with a tool to get input for your startup’s name and to check the availability of the domain. The name and your online presence are quite important parts of a startup. This is where and how you recruit your customers.

Websites are one of the most important tools for start-ups and multiple online tools can help you when you start your business. You can find inspiration in which good start-up services to use on www.forbes.com. Everybody needs some help to succeed in the competitive world of start-up businesses and you should look for any possibility to receive some online support and guidance. 

A combination of both the Emory startup launch and the online tools will probably lead to a very successful launch and ultimately business.