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Engage Others, Don’t Dismiss

“Emory College Republicans have reverted to endorsing and propagating racism. … They stoke division and accomplish nothing.” “To everyone who supports this, feel free to block me.” These are just some of the many ad hominem attacks that my peers and I have encountered as members of the Emory College Republicans before our invited speaker, [...]

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Don’t Show Up For Hostility

I’m disappointed that Heather Mac Donald’s appearance on Emory’s campus last week drew a crowd of over 100 Emory students. For comparison, a comparable controversial appearance in 2017 by former Georgia state Rep. Earl Erhart (R-Powder Springs) drew similar numbers of attendees at Emory, while recent Emory speakers like Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates, a White [...]

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Campus Diversity Matters

In 2017, I attended the “Essence of Emory” program, which markets Emory’s “diverse” campus to prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds and convinces them to enroll. I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively vast racial diversity here, which was important to me as a black woman coming from a predominantly white high school.  I never expected [...]

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Despite Mac Donald’s Invective, You Belong at Emory

“You belong here.” In my time at Emory, I have never been explicitly told those words, but I have most certainly felt them in nearly everything I do. Whether it’s Monday night staff meetings with my fellow resident advisers in Woodruff, run-ins at Kaldi’s with friends I haven’t seen since last semester or my favorite [...]

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Students, Go Tell Your Story

Heather Mac Donald makes money from every problematic and triggering speech. It’s her shtick, and considering how well it’s worked for her so far, I don’t think she plans to change any time soon. That being said, nothing negates her language’s roots in bigoted and oppressive ideas that disproportionately impact marginalized people, even if they [...]

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