Immensa Labs has quickly established itself as one of the top additive manufacturing companies in the Middle East.

Using digital technologies, Immensa is an industry leader in the use of additive manufacturing to create spare parts. The company uses advanced technologies and 3D modeling to turn spare parts into digital assets. Those parts are stored in cloud warehouses, providing convenient access to customers all over the world.

Additive manufacturing is a process that creates objects by building them one layer after another. It’s different from subtractive manufacturing, which creates objects by cutting away material.

For customers, Immensa provides significant time savings and reduced total cost of ownership. With less time lost on transportation and significantly reduced warehouse costs, Immensa customers have more flexibility and control of management of spare parts. At a time when supply chains have been disrupted by the pandemic and ongoing economic instability, the digital warehousing Immensa provides can alleviate operational pressures significantly.

Immensa provides on-demand additive manufacturing, meaning reduced time-to-market and just-in-time production. Customers do not need to store and transport spare parts until needed. The manufacturing process allows Immensa to give customers greater customization options and the ability to deliver more complex parts.

Additive manufacturing also is a more sustainable process by using less energy, yielding less material waste.

Immensa Labs has benefitted greatly from advances in additive manufacturing and printing technologies. However, its vision to build the region’s biggest on-demand additive manufacturing platform for spare parts faces some technical hurdles and a lack of adequate digital inventories.

To combat these challenges, Immensa has created a parts digitization process. Today, Immensa has more than 4,700 digitized parts. The company projects to having more than 1 million parts in a digital inventory platform by 2030.

Dramatic Growth Since 2016 Founding

Fahmi Al Shawwa founded Immensa Labs in 2016. From the start, the company has focused on integrated additive manufacturing solutions across industries. Its applications are used in multiple sectors, with a major emphasis on the energy industry. By eliminating the constraints of manufacturing and warehousing physical inventories, the company has transformed how companies manage their workflows and processes.

Immensa also has made inroads into the aviation, defense, medical, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

Immensa has quickly gained industry certification and recognition. It was the first additive manufacturing engineering business in the Middle East/North Africa region to be ISO-certified. By 2020, it was the only additive manufacturing company with an ISO 29001 (Oil and Gas) certificate to gain traction in the lucrative oil-and-gas market.

As a leader and innovator in the field, Immensa also participated in a global Joint Innovation Project. Twenty entities, including Immensa, developed international guidelines to qualify additively manufactured parts in the maritime and oil-and-gas sectors.

Immensa serves the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with a robust presence in Dammam, Dubai, Kuwait and Sharjah. The company recently chose Saudi Arabia as its primary hub for regional expansion by acquiring two top 3D-printing companies.

Strategic Investment for Shorooq Partners

Shorooq Partners invested in Immensa in 2021 as part of its commitment to startups in the region. The investment firm believes Immensa will continue to grow additive manufacturing within the region and beyond, accelerating its work to monetize digital assets. Shorooq Partners believes the startup will transform the manufacturing supply chain with its innovative approach to spare parts production.

Tina Daher, a senior investment professional with Shorooq Partners, noted that Immensa has a powerful combination. Its business model and technology expertise are unique, Daher said, and are complemented by a strong founder/leader with extensive experience in operations and top-tier customers.

“They solve existing problems and have the capabilities to maintain its dominant position in the regional energy space,” Daher said. “They will continue to expand digital assets library to generate further growth and venture into other untapped markets.”




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