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Photo by Hayley Silverstein/Contributing Writer. College freshmen Greta Luna-Priego (LEFT) and Safiyah Bharwani (RIGHT) hold up their tickets in excitement as they look forward to experiencing their first Music Midtown.

While the weather may say otherwise, autumn is fast approaching, and Music Midtown is becoming the traditional headliner for the end of summer. Since Music Midtown’s revival in 2011, some of the best rock, alternative, rap and pop acts in the world have been coming to Atlanta to serenade festivalgoers at Piedmont Park.

While freshmen will miss out on the festival due to ignorance of its existence, and other students will say the tickets are too expensive (to that I can only say that it is cheaper than seeing all of the acts individually), those that are attending the festival are going to experience the best two days of music in Atlanta.

As an Atlanta native and a regular at Music Midtown, I believe that I am qualified to help you survive the festival from when the gates open on Sept. 19 at 4:00 p.m. to when you officially lose your voice at 11:00 p.m. on Saturday night when you watch Eminem or the Zac Brown Band take their final bow.

Stay Hydrated
This seems pretty obvious, but you will be miserable if you forget to drink water. You are allowed one factory-sealed bottle of water or one empty water bottle when you enter (Music Midtown isn’t falling for your water that somehow tastes and smells like vodka or tequila, so don’t even think about it). Drink two gallons (or 16 cups for those who can’t do the math) of water 24 hours before the festival, so you start the weekend hydrated. And, no, alcohol does not count as a hydrating liquid.

Alcohol (21+ only)
You can buy drinks from vendors at the festival, just be prepared to spend too much money on a beer. If you are sneaky, you can try hiding a flask of your favorite beverage on your body, but don’t be obvious about it (no one has a flask-shaped tumor). Make sure you pace yourself in terms of drinking. You don’t want to be blackout drunk at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday for two reasons: you wasted your money on a festival you won’t remember, and your friends will hate you because they had to take care of you.

Dress Accordingly
Dress for the weather, and don’t be that person in a $300 outfit and high heels in the pouring rain and mud (you may look cute, but also really stupid). Be creative and fun with your outfit, just make sure it is comfortable, and you are okay if it gets ruined.

Plan Ahead
Pick out who you want to see before you go so you don’t miss your favorite acts. If you are going with a group of people, whoever the majority wants to see is the act that you go to (sorry, but this is America, and we are a democracy). You can be one of those people who stay at one stage the entire day in order to get the best spot for that one band you are obsessed with, but it is better to be towards the back singing your heart out with all of the bands you love than to spend the day waiting around and awkwardly singing along to songs you don’t know for that one hour you see your favorite act. Being the tech savvy generation that we are, Music Midtown has an official app that will make sure you don’t miss anything.

What to Bring
Remember: KISS (keep it simple, stupid). The essentials consist of: a water bottle, sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses you are okay with potentially losing or breaking, cash, a small bag to keep everything in, a blanket if you prefer to sit on the hill and just chill and your ticket.

Girls, even though you think you will touch up your makeup, you won’t. If you do wear makeup, make sure it is waterproof. Guys, actually bring a bag or a backpack even if you think it looks lame because you cannot fit everything in your pockets, and you will probably lose something if you try to.

The most important thing about Music Midtown is to have a good time, and if you fall asleep with your ears ringing and an exhausted smile on your face, you did just that.​

– By Hayley Silverstein