A helmet is an essential piece of tactical equipment for any player. It not only ensures the player’s safety and protection against accidental injury but integrated with a headset, it significantly improves communication. Here are some tips on how to choose the best solution for you.

Helmet – why is it so important?

Although most helmets offered by airsoft shops are replicas, which do not have the same ballistic properties as the originals, they still increase the safety of players. Accidental head hits, especially during dynamic CQB-type games, may end in injury. In airsoft, player safety should always come first, and in enclosed buildings, it is easy to get injured if you disregard basic safety rules. Often it is the head that is exposed to abrasions or impacts or even accidentally hit by a bullet, so it is very important to protect it. 

Prices of helmets on the Gunfire website start from a few dozen PLN. You should include this expense in your budget at the very beginning of your airsoft adventure. The cost is not large, and the advantages as regards head protection will be appreciated very quickly

Not just about safety

Since airsoft is all about reflecting the equipment of real military units, the offer of the best manufacturers includes proposals for many styles. Helmets are an ideal addition to camouflage. They are also very functional. As in the case of their military counterparts, you may easily mount additional accessories, such as a torch or a camera. You may also add a face mask or goggles.

Helmet headset

A mistake repeated by many players, not only beginners, is a wrong fit of the equipment. Some players test the purchased accessories only during the actual game, expecting that each element, after taking it out of the box, will fit perfectly. It is worth spending half an hour adjusting your new tactical accessories at home. It is no different with a headset and helmet, which ensures additional safety. First of all, it is important to choose the right size – the helmet should not fall on your eyes when you move your head (e.g. while running), but it also cannot be too tight, because you will quickly feel an unpleasant headache. 

A poorly fitting helmet, like a mask or headset, may also cause your safety goggles to move, which are a necessary piece of equipment required by tournament organisers. After putting on your goggles, check your mask. Popular stalker-type models are made of flexible mesh, which can be easily adjusted to the shape of the face. The next step is to adjust your helmet. Most models are equipped with side rails, where you may easily mount the headset. Simply slide the mount into the rails and adjust the height of the headset. Once you have made sure that everything works well together, you may move on to the final step, namely connecting the wires. When you are doing this, make sure the cables do not hang loose, as it is easy to damage your equipment. Plastic cable ties can help to hide them. 

Remember that a properly connected headset, which is compatible with your helmet and other equipment, ensures comfortable and safe gameplay.

Which headset should you choose?

The basic parameter which should be taken into consideration is the type of plug. Military-type plugs are most common. Another important issue is the manufacturer of the headset. Despite the compatibility of connectors, individual elements from different manufacturers may not work well together. More expensive headsets are equipped with microphones that amplify voices from the environment, so the player can hear both commands given by the radio and the sounds around. While in dynamic speedsoft or CQB games the lack of this feature is not a big limitation, in the case of forest games, however, when every cracking twig can indicate the presence of the enemy, it is worth remembering about this feature. The cheapest headsets for airsoft cost little more than a pack of bullets. They fulfill their basic function, but the quality of sent and received sound can be unsatisfying.

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