Industry disruptions caused by technological developments are accelerating rapidly. With each year that passes by, the world, as we know, gets closer to gaining access to sophisticated futuristic tech. 

Almost every industry has been affected by these changes, so you might be wondering what this means for authors, publishers, and other personnel involved in literature. How is technology impacting literature and other related sectors? Here are five ways technology is rewriting literature and changing the entire industry.


Taking notes

Back in the day, authors would have to pen down all notes they take when writing a book, poem, short stories, or other literature. Technology has reinvented the wheel by making available productivity tools where authors can write their notes. Besides, these tools have been made digital for whenever a writer is on the move and gets some inspiration.

This development is also an indication of the dominance of technology in education. Students can jot down notes just as authors can. On a note that has already been written, you can also add comments to further elaborate on your ideas. 

Gone are those days when authors needed to manually write their ideas on paper that can be lost or easily damaged. With these tools, you can store these notes on the cloud and access them at any time.

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Collaborating on projects

A group of researchers or multiple authors might need to collaborate on a certain project that needs real-time communication and updates. For example, if a certain piece of information has been discovered, they might want to just write it on the draft file without notifying other colleagues. 

With tools such as Google docs, a team of writers can pick up wherever the work was left off and continue without expecting updates or an updated file. You can also leave comments for other participants in that project for their reference. This results in a quick working system that gets a lot of work done in far less time.

Author support communities

The internet has thousands of online communities supporting each other with various resources needed to write, publish, and distribute literature. 

Some communities simply offer emotional support or basic valuable information for beginners. There are chat boards, websites, blogs, and even social media channels empowering authors and researchers to create valuable content.

There is no need to feel isolated and alone because of these technologies. Whenever you need help, just give your community members a shout and things might get sorted much quicker. These communities can also be a great source of motivation for literature writers.

Publishing literature

Publishers do not come off unscathed in the digital transformation of this industry. How literature is published has been greatly affected by eBooks and a whole lot of digital libraries increasing in numbers. When a publisher is undertaking his tasks, he now has to consider releasing that literature in digital formats, but somewhere, there is some hope that remains.

You should also negotiate and maintain a relationship with online digital platforms that distribute books. Another point they should consider is hyperlinking all chapters or modules of that literature for easier reference. Although these steps seem very taxing on both effort and money, there are many benefits to ensure that it is done correctly.

Greater exposure to an interested audience

Authors and researchers can gain huge exposure by implementing digital marketing, such as starting a blog, being active on social media, and so forth. Consider Instagram poets that post pieces of their work regularly on social media to grow their following. 

Some of them have reached 100s of thousands of followers and some even millions. You stand a chance to be very popular and sell more of your work or get more interested eyeballs to take notice.

The bottom line

Literature has been revolutionized by technological systems such as eBook platforms, using social media to gain more popularity and starting a blog. You can also gain access to large communities offering support to empower your work. Advanced collaboration tools offer a unique opportunity to get updates in real-time of other additions made on the project you’re working on. Lastly, even simple tasks such as writing notes have been simplified and made mobile for a better writing experience.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner works for a technology startup as their marketing head and looks after the Asia-Pacific region. He has progressed very quickly in this field and, at the same time, continues to work as a part-time thesis and dissertation writer. In his free time, he loves skiing, watching NHL and NBA and cooking Italian food for his family.