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Swoop’s Week Edition



Like any good fire sign, you are feeling very optimistic about the upcoming Swoop’s Week events. Be sure to spread your enthusiasm at the Dispatch concert on Saturday. Those around you will feel your positive energy.



You might be feeling a bit lazy this weekend, Taurus. Try to make plans with friends, and don’t let your love of being a homebody keep you away from Swoop’s Week. You will find the parade particularly enjoyable.



You will be feeling very insecure and analytical this week, so try not to express yourself in any way possible. Saturday will be a sub-par day for you to channel your energy into something probably not that productive.



There is a chance your intentions will be misunderstood this weekend. Try not to let other’s impressions of you affect your experience. You may find Swoop’s Ball a fun place for you to relax and let go.



This was an overwhelming and hectic week for you, Leo. Take some time to relax this weekend before diving back into schoolwork and extra-curriculars. The activities on campus will be a good distraction for you.



The stars are aligned to make you very perceptive of the energy around you, and Swoop’s Week could not have come at a better time for you. Your school spirit is running high this week; make sure to spread it!



You will be feeling a bit indecisive going into this weekend. For matters involving work or money, make sure to devote extra time to considering your options. Meeting with an advisor will help clear things up.



With Venus in Scorpio, you have been feeling romantic energy all month. This weekend will present you with a romantic opportunity you cannot resist. Dances and concerts are not always your style, but this time you will be happy you went.



You are feeling very social this week. Spend some time at Swoop’s Week with friends. You may even find things start to heat up with someone you thought was just a friend.



The stars are aligned to give you lots of physical energy, Capricorn. Focus on strengthening your body this weekend. You may find the Homecoming 5K on Saturday morning to be very appealing.



You will be in a cooperative state of mind this weekend. The stars will provide you with energy to serve as a peacemaker. Maybe spread this through sportsmanship and cheering at the men’s and women’s soccer games!



You are very resourceful and passionate, Pisces, so be sure to contribute to your organization’s Swoop’s Parade float. Your contributions may even be recognized by an unexpected admirer.

This week’s stars interpreted by Celia Greenlaw.

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