This is going to be a good academic week for you, Aries. You may not do anything particularly social or adventurous, but your grades will reflect it.



Your charisma will be very high this weekend, Taurus. Use this to your advantage, and focus on your relationships. Something romantic could be coming your way.



The stars are aligning in a way that indicates resolution for you, Gemini. Some issue, personal or otherwise, that has been dragging on for a while should come to an end this week.



The moon is shining on your career path this week. A little persistence will go a long way. Work hard and you may achieve even more than you set out to.



Things have been a little heated in your most important relationships. Take some time to cool down this weekend and have some “me” time, Leo.



With the full moon approaching, you may find many opportunities coming your way. Remember what is most important to you, and choose a new path wisely.



You will find yourself inspired by the world around you this week. Take this opportunity to explore your interests and incorporate more creativity into your life.



Your mantra this week should be: If I respect myself, others will respect me, too. Ruminate on this, and try to involve more self-love into your days.



Your plate is very full this week, Sagittarius. Try to not be overwhelmed by all you have to do, and rely on friends for help. Your relationship connections will feel quite strong.



Now is the perfect time to get to the bottom of problems and set things right. The full moon is approaching, and you will have the capacity to articulate your concerns without much backlash.



Watch what you say this week, Aquarius! Acting on impulse will get you into trouble, especially with the ones closest to you. Mantra: think twice, and then think again.



This should be a week filled with social interactions for you, Pisces. Make time to take advantage of every encounter, because one of them could benefit you greatly in the future.

This week’s stars interpreted by Celia Greenlaw