The “Lovescopes” Issue



If you feel like dancing, dance! If you feel like moving, move! Follow this mentality throughout the week, and something is bound to rise on your love horizons.



This will be a cozy, friend-filled week for you, Taurus. Take some time to pamper yourself and those who are closest to you. Your friends will appreciate the break, and you will be happy to self-indulge a little.



Try not to be too impulsive over the weekend, Gemini! Quick decisions in your love life could lead to offending someone close to you. Opt for a romantic getaway if you are restless with your routine.



With Venus in Scorpio, romance is coming for you! Take a risk in love, because luck is on your side this weekend, Cancer. Use your sensitivity to feel the positive energy around you.



As a fire sign, there is always some passion burning inside of you – but it is time to reignite your energy and move forward to something new. Spice things up in your existing relationship or enter brand new love territory.



Single? Dating? It does not matter for you this week, Virgo! Romance is in the air. Don’t be afraid to get yourself in new a position (under the stars, of course) for love.



Libra, your love of all things new and unusual will lead you to have many desires going into the weekend. Try not to rock the boat with your close relationships, and some of these desires may be met.



Venus is entering your sign and bringing you energy for love. Embrace the energy around you, and use body language to express your passionate emotion.



This week the stars are saying that Sagittarius will either find love or spend the weekend alone. Sometimes the stars are confusing. Interpret this however you would like.



Watch the planets this week, Capricorn; they may wildly affect your experience. Venus is entering apogee in front of Uranus, signaling the potential for love.



The sun, the moon and the planets are in motion this week, Aquarius, and this could be a good sign for your love life. So long as this motion continues as usual, there will be potential mates for you to meet.



Pisces sounds a lot like pieces, which is what you will feel like if you don’t strengthen the connections you have in your relationships. The stars say that happiness is all around you. Go and reach for it!

This week’s stars interpreted by Celia Greenlaw