Your spirit animal for this week is the hummingbird, Aries. You will be feeling independent and playful. Enjoy the life around you and be present in your interactions.


Luck is coming your way this week, Taurus! Your spirit animal is the panda, which is gentle, balanced and full of good fortune. The new moon is working in your favor this week.


Like a tiger, you will be feeling courageous and strong but a little unpredictable. As the new moon approaches, try to balance your emotions and avoid acting impulsively.


You will be soaring like an eagle this week, Cancer. You will feel bold and powerful. Mars is aligned to provide you with the strength and courage to do something meaningful.


This week you should be as wise as an elephant. Saturn is entering retrograde and freeing your house of knowledge. Now is a good time to consider broad questions about your future, as you will be full of insight.


The deer is your spirit animal this week, as the new moon gives you the grace and agility to cruise through any obstacles. You should be feeling gentle and sensitive to the world around you.


Your curiosity and desire for adventure makes your spirit animal this week a cat. Routines are good for a time, but you want to explore new territory. With Mars and Saturn both entering retrograde, you may be able to.


You are feeling vulnerable this week, and therefore the sheep is your spirit animal. Vulnerability can lead to many positive outcomes, so let your heart and mind be open to new ideas.


Your search for freedom makes your spirit animal the horse this week. You have been feeling limited by a pursuit that has not gone your way, but now you should have the passion and drive to release yourself from its constraint.


After a few weeks of being challenged, you will be feeling the physical and mental strength of the fox. No tricky situation will bring you down, and you will be recognized for your ability.


Like a turtle, you will be feeling peaceful and emotionally strong this week. Things have been hectic so far this year, but now is a good time to slow down and appreciate your environment.


You will be feeling great spatial and visual awareness this week, so your spirit animal is the hawk. Allow your attentiveness to lead you to greater appreciation and understanding of your environment.

This week’s stars interpreted by Celia Greenlaw

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