Finals week is approaching. You feel weighed down. Do not be discouraged, Aries; there is no need to frown. Your brain will be sharp, your thoughts very quick. You’ll succeed in your studies. The information will click.



This week may be challenging, Taurus beware. Between finals and friends, you’ll have no time to spare. Persevere as best you can because there are better times in sight. You may be tired for now, but soon you’ll feel all right.



Emotions are running high for Gemini this week. Try spending some time alone to achieve the stability you seek. While friends are good and socializing is necessary, for now you will find peace in times that are solitary.



You will be feeling physically strong and sleeping very well. This is a great week for you to break out of your shell. Your energy will be high which should help you to learn. Take advantage of this good fortune you have earned!



It is your time to thrive, Leo the lion. You have been working hard, and you will be rewarded for trying! Walk into finals week with your characteristic fire, and you should achieve the success you need and desire.



Although you will have to study and write essays, spend some time with your friends these next few days. Their presence will be relaxing and put you at ease. A clear mind will help to make finals a breeze.



You will be presented with many options in the coming days. Remembering values and priorities certainly pays. Do not be impulsive, but try to choose swiftly. Opportunities are temporary and may vanish quickly.



You are getting excited for the holiday season, but don’t get too distracted and lose your good reason. There is still work to be done and finals to take. You will have plenty of time to celebrate once it’s Winter Break!



You may be getting anxious about your plans after school. While planning is important, try to keep your cool. Long-term goals will overwhelm you for now, so focus on today as long as time will allow.



It’s the home stretch, Capricorn; the semester is nearly done! Finish up your work, but don’t forget to have fun. Everything seems better when you wear a smile. Try hard on those finals; you’ll be home in a little while!



Good fortune should be coming your way soon! Aquarius, prepare for an opportunity that comes once in a blue moon. It is hard to say exactly what this may be, but it is certainly something that will make you happy.



You may start feeling like you are losing motivation. Keep in mind that soon you will have your vacation. The stars are aligned to make you feel a bit weird, but don’t worry because in no time the funk will be cleared.

This week’s stars interpreted by Celia Greenlaw