The stars have spoken, and the secrets of your very destiny are at your fingertips. Prepare for the painful truth, as presented in Student Life’s freakishly-insightful Horoscopes.




If you have grown fond of a friend in more than just a platonic way, this could turn out to be an interesting time for you. You might learn your friend shares the same romantic optimism and is looking to explore the potential.



Try not to get too caught up in fulfilling obligations for others this weekend. As your key planet Venus comes into play, be sure to set aside time for your own desires.



Even though you might have things to accomplish in the next few days, it’s not necessary that you forego all fun. Find it in yourself to master a balance between work and leisure.



Work hard to keep things real even if the arousal of your emotions are inconvenient and scary. If you open your heart to yourself and others, love will find its way in.



You might find yourself walking down Memory Lane, thinking about previous mistakes you’ve made. Do not let yourself become a slave to your past. Instead, take a chance. No one is stopping you except you.



Love is in the air for you Virgos! If you’re single, you might find someone where you least expected. Be friendly, be open and good things will come to you.



If you find it challenging to make a decision because you’re always weighing pros and cons, try narrowing your vision on whatever you believe is the more meaningful choice.



As the Sun joins Saturn, you may face a few obstacles. Consider learning from your past battles, and be aware that everything always turns out the way it’s supposed to be.



Your spirit leads you to seek excitement and action, yet you might find yourself limited by dreams. Accept your current limitations for what they are, and realize that the real world is always more thrilling than what’s inside your head.



If you are single, this weekend may initially seem to be a time of isolation. Realize that there is a time for everything, and right now, it is yours to be solo. In the meantime, enjoy your friends and enjoy yourself.



Don’t necessarily assume you did something wrong if you experience trouble. Look at this as an opportunity to improve, and keep trying again and again. Never give up on your goals. Work hard to prove that you deserve to achieve them.



As you seek the comfort of being in a group during the next few days, remember that the idea of camaraderie is not more important than your individual needs. Never refrain from expressing your own beliefs, but first consider them through the eyes of others.

This week’s stars interpreted by Samantha Goodman