This year you can expect Mars to enter your house of friendship with a strong presence. When Jupiter enters Leo in July, expect to break your usual routine and travel somewhere new. There is change and adventure on the horizons.


This is going to be a year of change, improvements and fresh starts. It is time to release any excess frustration, anger or grudges you have from 2013 so that you can seize 2014 with renewed energy.


The craziness of 2013 left many loose ends for you. The third new moon of the year will bring some answers. You will experience stronger commitments, a more serious career path and welcome stability this year.


The universe is looking at your career and family this year, Cancer. You will thrive in the work you attempt. Your ties to family will strengthen as Mars enters your home sector. It is a good time to express gratitude for those you care for.


The beginning of the year for you, Leo, is all about romance and fun. Enjoy the reprieve, but get ready to gear up for the second half of the year. The Sun and Mercury will put a strain on you, and work may seem extra challenging.


Last year may have ended with unexpected financial strain, but with Jupiter and Saturn cooperating at the beginning of the year, you will become financially stable once more. Approach this year with drive but be practical about the future.


You may find yourself needing to be extra flexible and patient this year. Focus on your personal goals, and maybe travel to add some spontaneous energy to your year. Plans are good, but change is natural.


Jupiter will set you up with good fortune early on this year, and you may find your negotiating power to be unexpectedly high. Keep your eyes and heart open to new things this year. Luck will come where you least expect it.


Positive energy will flow through you this year, and it will lead you to greater happiness and success. When Saturn enters Leo around July, a search you have been on for an extended time will end triumphantly.


This year you can expect to be focused and driven, especially when it comes to academics or career goals. Mars will enter your house for fame and honors at the beginning of the month to set you up on a successful path during the year.


You have been critical of yourself lately, Aquarius. This year, Mars will enter your house of gratitude, and you will feel relieved of self-induced pressure. Self-appreciation will help in countless ways.


You have a lot on your mind today, and you may want to say it all. Keep in mind that you might not see eye-to-eye with everyone right now, and if your words get misinterpreted, you could run into problems.

This week’s stars interpreted by Celia Greenlaw