Speaking impulsively today may cause trouble in your future. Remember you cannot take back what you say; pay careful attention to the potential impact of your words. Step back and think of others, as this may save your day.



Try not to worry if you start to fall behind with work. You’re set to get back in the groove after a few days of relaxing and reclaiming your center. It’s equally important to recharge now as it is to push further ahead later.



People know you as easy-going and quick-witted, so it may be surprising when you slow down and take life more seriously for a change. Focus on the present and soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy yourself again.



Instead of worrying about what you can’t do, stay motivated for what you have the power to accomplish. Improving your attitude allows you to make the most of your situation.



You dream of escaping into Thanksgiving break, instead of facing the work and responsibilities of now. It’s okay to withdraw a bit, but be careful; denial doesn’t offer a lasting solution.



You might lose yourself in wishful thinking about one special person. Try not to let all the hours waste away as you imagine where you might go or what you might do together. Get back to earth before you start thinking so far ahead.



When it comes to love, remember that magic doesn’t happen overnight; you need to aim high and avoid being distracted by superficial interactions. Try to hold out for something real. This all begins with loving yourself.



If you know what you want and someone keeps getting in the way, remain optimistic about your own potential. Success can be yours if you put in the work. Leave your doubts behind and move boldly toward your goals.



If it seems like you’re at the peak of your energy cycle, it’s not wise to wait to begin a new project. It’s smarter to make best of your confidence in the present. Get busy now to make your life easier later.



Concentrating on your work seems impossible, as your thoughts are focused on the weekend. As the Sun shifts into your 12th House of Imagination, your fantasies begin to take flight. Don’t resist the temptation; follow your day dreams and see where they take you.



Don’t get too distracted by your long-term goals, especially if they stand in the way of the time spent with your family and friends. There is no better moment than the present to share your heart with those you love.



You are yearning to do something exciting with friends, especially if you usually hold back. Be daring and experiment to discover what you really want. Letting out your inner wild child can be nice for a change.

This week’s stars interpreted by Samantha Goodman