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Shiny stars bring shaky wishes. Wishes only do come true, if the stars will befriend you. Give the stars a chance to work, and out of happiness you’ll twerk.



Pluto is entering retrograde in your career zone, so now is not the time to make sudden changes. If you are feeling bored when it comes to work, try to gradually shift gears.



As Pluto enters retrograde, you will find a revitalized sense of adventure. Plan some trips, Taurus, because the summer is the perfect time to getaway.



You have always been mystified by life, and you are feeling a spiritual connection this week, especially. Spend some extra time outdoors to appreciate the blooming life of spring.



You may have a hard time making commitments this week, Cancer. Whether it is in relationships or work, do not fear making a long-term journey if it feels right.



You have been feeling physically “off” lately, but as summer is approaching, now is the time to make changes. Start a new exercise regime or focus on nutrition because your physical fitness is ready to improve.



Avoid interacting with superficial people this week, Virgo. You should be focused on real connections and disingenuous people will only be a distraction to your goals.



This week is a time to meditate and have “me” time. Dedicate some of your free moments to reflection and appreciation. Avoid attending events to please friends because you will only resent them.



You run the risk of causing misunderstandings if you do not filter your words. Although your intentions are good, try to be gentle with your delivery of advice.



Opportunities are awaiting you this week, Sagittarius! A small search could lead to huge rewards, especially when it comes to a long-term goal you have lost faith in.



You have been too harsh on yourself lately, Capricorn. Reflect on your success and take down your defensive social posture.  Dissociate from those who make you question your own identity.



This week will be very introspective for you, Aquarius. Now may be a good time to forget who you think you are and redefine based on who you really are.



Your heart is large and open this week, but don’t let yourself become vulnerable. Allow only your inner circle to experience your love, because outsiders could cause you pain.

This week’s stars interpreted by Celia Greenlaw.