The Honor Council found a junior in a science course responsible for unauthorized assistance on an assignment. Both the teaching assistant (TA) and the professor found similarities among a group of students’ lab reports. The Honor Council’s investigation found that one student sent the assignment to the others in the group to use as a reference. The student thought that being allowed to work collaboratively meant it was acceptable to use the other student’s work, according to the report. In the assignment’s instructions, the professor said that although the lab was to be completed together, the report needed to be completed individually. The Honor Council recommended a zero on the assignment, a one-letter grade deduction in the final course grade, a two-year mark on his record and an educational program.

The Honor Council found a junior in a social sciences course responsible for plagiarism. The professor noticed distinctive phrases in the student’s paper and found that the student had copied the language after finding the original source online. The professor gave specific directions to not use additional sources beyond what had been given and discussed in class. After finding her responsible for plagiarism, the Honor Council learned that she had a prior Honor Code violation of a similar type. The Honor Council recommended the standard sanction for a second offense of the Honor Code: an F in the course, a permanent mark on her record and a one-semester suspension.

The Honor Council found a sophomore in a science course responsible for receiving unauthorized assistance on a quiz. The professor noticed that the student’s answers corresponded to a different version of the quiz. At the hearing, the student explained that he looked at another student’s answers because he was stressed and nervous. He also shared that he had a previous violation of the Honor Code from his freshman year. The Honor Council found the previous violation to be minor and did not recommend the standard sanction for a second offense. Instead, the Honor Council recommended an F in the course and a permanent mark on his record.