Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons/ Brian Turner

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons/ Brian Turner


  • A junior in a lower level humanities course was found guilty of looking at a cheat sheet during a quiz. During the hearing, the student admitted that he was unprepared for the quiz and made a poor decision. The Honor Council recommended an F in the course and a 2-year mark because the violation was deliberate and the student had received a verbal warning from the Honor Council for a previous offense.
  • The Honor Council dismissed an accusation against two juniors that they sought unauthorized assistance on a quiz in a social science course. A student in the class reported to the professor that she witnessed the two students talking during the quiz. The students admitted that they were misbehaving during the quiz and joking about how easy it was. The Honor Council compared the quiz answers, and there were not any significant or unusual similarities. The students apologized for acting inappropriately during the quiz and indicated that they understood the importance of avoiding any appearance of impropriety.
  • A sophomore was found guilty of plagiarism on a paper in a lower level humanities course. The Teaching Assistant (TA) for the course identified several internet sources that were copied from verbatim. The professor and TA estimated that nearly one-third of the paper was plagiarized. The student admitted that he used the internet for background material for his paper, but as he did not start writing the paper until the night before it was due, he was rushed for time and did not cite or quote his sources. As the student had two prior violations, the Honor Council recommended an F in the course, a permanent mark on his personal record, and permanent dismissal from Emory University.

The following reports are real cases adjudicated by the Emory College Honor Council. Any personally identifiable information has been omitted to protect the privacy of all parties involved.

— Compiled by Brandon Fuhr

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