Get ready to trade in your bagels.

Emory will remove Einstein Bros Bagels from the Goizueta Business School on Nov. 27, but dining officials have yet to announce its replacement because a contract is still in the works.

The new food venue will likely be up and running by the time spring semester classes begin in January, said David Furhman, senior director of Emory Dining.

He said he will be able to announce the new venue as soon as Emory has a signed contract, presumably in the next week or immediately thereafter.

Once Einstein Bros closes and demolition begins, the B-School will set up a temporary table or cart in the school’s lobby to serve coffee and sandwiches, among other food items, for the remainder of the semester starting Dec. 2, according to Furhman.

The cart will be operated by Sodexo, Emory’s food vendor, said Karoline Porcello, B-School junior and Food Advisory Committee Emory (FACE) co-chair.

She added that Emory had expected to be able to announce the new venue by now but faced a few unexpected obstacles in the contract negotiation process.

The removal of Einstein Bros Bagels – which has been on campus for about a decade, according to Furhman – is part of an ongoing facelift that dining locations across campus are undergoing.

As the Wheel reported last semester, Emory and Sodexo are together evaluating food brands and venues to ensure that Emory Dining is meeting the needs of the community.

Emory already revamped the dining options in Cox Hall during the summer as part of the process.

“If [a venue] doesn’t really meet the needs of our community anymore and doesn’t offer the kind of variety our dining vision specifies, we’re going to replace it,” Furhman said of the plan.

During FACE town hall meetings and focus groups held last semester – during which members of the Emory community voiced opinions about what type of dining options they would like on campus – many expressed a desire to vary the food choices beyond just bagels, Furhman said.

At that point, Emory Dining turned its attention to the B-School Einstein Bros.

“Honestly, we heard, ‘Enough with the bagels; we’re tired of bagels,'” Furhman said.

Porcello said she could not comment on potential venues at this time but said that it will definitely be offering coffee, drinks and “delicious food.”

Furhman noted that Emory Dining is in the final negotiations stage for one specific venue but could not provide further information as to which venue it is.

News Co-Editor Dustin Slade contributed reporting.

– By Jordan Friedman