Give Yourself Space From Campus

Little Five Points | Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons/ Pawel Loj
Little Five Points | Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons/ Pawel Loj

With classes, meetings and extracurriculars, it can seem like we spend all our time on campus.

That’s why it’s so important to give yourself some space from becoming overly-attached to the University: have a home off-campus.

Yes, this can be difficult without a car or reliable transportation, but there are several, affordable options within walking distance from campus, from the palatial Gables residences to a 50-year-old basement apartment (aka, my home).

If you do have a car, think about relocating to one of Atlanta’s fantastic neighborhoods. Boroughs like Poncey-Highlands, Little Five Points or further to East Atlanta can offer much cheaper rent (Druid Hills has some of the highest prices in the city) as well as a new coffee shop or diner where you can become a new regular.

Living in a new neighborhood means you can exist in different worlds, spending your days in class with Emory friends and spending nights with yourself, your roommates or with new friends you meet a local bar. This option’s best for the adventurous or jaded Emory student.

Most importantly, living off-campus, whether it’s 1000 feet or a few miles, can give yourself a mental break from the stress of classes and organizations. When you live on campus, you’re constantly surrounded by other students and the minutia of Emory drama (as well as the authority of a friendly but perhaps paternalistic RA). Go home without taking Emory home with you!

— By Sonam Vashi, Executive Editor