Newly initiated members of Emory fraternities participate in Run the Row, a biannual tradition in which the brothers run to their new fraternity houses, on Saturday, Feb. 1./Jackson Schneider, Asst. Photo Editor

Former members of suspended fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) are involved in the “recolonization” of Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT), according to former AEPi President John Stark (21B).

Members who were not formally initiated into AEPi prior to the fraternity’s suspension can undergo forming a new fraternity, but those who were initiated prior to Spring 2019 are barred by AEPi national headquarters from joining another fraternity unless formally released, AEPi Media Spokesman Jonathan Pierce wrote in an email to the Wheel. No former members have been officially released. 

AEPi’s national headquarters suspended Emory’s AEPi chapter for two years in Spring 2019 following hazing allegations, the Wheel previously reported. The former AEPi house, located at 17 Eagle Row, was trashed later that semester following a notice to vacate

In Fall 2017, ZBT was placed on suspension for hazing and possession of alcoholic beverages under the age of 21, resulting in the loss of their house at 8 Eagle Row, which is now inhabited by Sigma Alpha Mu. ZBT’s suspension effectively ended on Aug. 1, 2019.

Stark stated that previously initiated AEPi members are not exerting an influence in the creation of a new fraternity.

“Some individuals that were only members of AEPi for a short few weeks will be recolonizing a chapter of Zeta Beta Tau,” Stark wrote in a Feb. 3 email to the Wheel. “I am absolutely thrilled that Emory and ZBT were able to offer these students the invaluable opportunity to participate in Greek Life.”

Stark further denied any personal association with the new ZBT chapter.

In a Feb. 3 statement, ZBT CEO Libby Anderson wrote to the Wheel that its national headquarters is “starting to conduct interviews with potential brothers.”

Emory Assistant Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life Joshua Gamse told the Wheel that ZBT headquarters visited campus to gauge interest in their return. 

“At this point, since it’s after [Interfraternity Council] recruitment, they’re allowed to bring together what we call an interest group,” Gamse said. “It’s a group that predates their arrival to campus by a semester, just to make sure that they have some traction.”

Gamse could not confirm how many people have joined this group or if any members were previously involved with AEPi.