The Tuesday Farmers Market was lively as usual with hungry students, staff and the ever-so-friendly folk behind the stands that were set up. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of devouring tarts and popsicles, there are many hidden delicacies to be found. Some students are drawn to food items such as chocolate chip cookies because they’re such a change of flavor from the processed goods they eat everyday to the freshly baked ones. And then there are others who love the doughnuts from Revolution Doughnuts and Coffee, specifically their very interesting bacon and maple doughnuts.

[quote_box name=””]No matter your taste, the Farmers Market has something for you.[/quote_box]

Each of the stalls has something unique and wonderful to offer. Start at Pop’s Produce, which has the most fascinating flavors of jelly. If you think that you’ve tried it all when it comes to jelly, take a trip here next time and try their “pepper jelly.” There are so many samples to try from, including their most popular flavor, pineapple habanero!

Some of the tents, like Legacy Bakes, have homemade baked goods such as cakes, cream cheese pastries and their most popular item, biscotti. There are other stalls that offer fresh, homemade goods, too. Local Raw Natural Honey shows you the stark difference between processed honey and the lovely organic honey they serve. There’s also Henry’s Kettlecorn, which showcases a variety of flavored, delicious homemade kettle corn including flavors like jalapeno, cheddar, caramel crunch and even cinnamon toast!

If you’re fond of chips and salsa, the market has you covered. There’s a Salsa and Tamale’s stall that has salsa made using authentic Mexican recipes. In fact, they have about forty thousand different salsas that they’ve been making over the last twenty years! Their number one seller is ‘Salsa Verde,’ which combines a blend of tomatillo, avocados, serrano peppers, cilantro and onions.

On the other hand, if you’re into experimenting with different cuisines, there are multiple stalls for you. One is Bite Size Now, an Indian stall run by Marlene Baker. “My tandoori chicken today was an absolute hit!,” Baker proudly cheered. Her chicken curry and chicken tikka masala happen to be popular items as well. The market also has Simply Seoul, serving Korean barbecue. They serve steamed buns, their most popular one being the beef bulgogi bun. Remember to try their kimchi too!

The greatest thing about the Farmers Market is that there is no end to the variety. From savory to sweet, they have it all. Revolution Doughnuts and Coffee is a must if you love doughnuts. The best part about this stall, though, is that their doughnuts are both organic and vegan. The Little Tart is also one that you must visit for their organic and seasonal baked goods. Their almond croissants and turnovers are hits, and are French inspired. The market also has stalls that sell fresh vegetables, in case you’d like to cook a nice meal after a long day. Local Lands has organically grown products, their latest crops being spinach, beets, and broccoli. Apart from their popular salad assortment, they also have herbal tea that they mix themselves.

After a trip around the market, I ended with the stall “Pure Bliss,”, which has been running for eleven years. Their specialty is handmade whole foods, which include bites and bars, and gourmet nut mixes. Their coconut honey almonds seemed to run out quickly, along with the lemon-raspberry bars that they displayed out beautifully as samples.