Fall Election Guide 2017

The campaign period will run from Sept. 5 to Sept. 10, according to an email from Elections Board Chair Betty Zhang (20C).

Voting will open Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. and close Sept. 14 at 8 p.m., Zhang said.

Alice Bodge

I’m Alice Bodge, and I’m running for the first-year representative position in the Student Government Association (SGA)! To me, freshman year is an immensely important year in college. The reason that I’m running for this position, and why I’m incredibly passionate about it, is because I feel that we need to make our freshman year at Emory fantastic. I want to be able to give every kind of person in our class a way to connect with the campus and students by representing not just the majority of the class but each individual student. Growing up, I have consistently taken on roles of leadership that required me to work hard for the community and work with it. My goal is to make the entire class of 2021 as happy as possible. I plan on working hard for each and every one of you to make our freshman year the most memorable year of our lives!

Surya Garg

Hi, my name is Surya Garg and I am running to be a first year representative in the Student Government Association (SGA). If elected, I would work to be a voice of the class of 2021. First, I would explore ways in which we can improve the DUC-ling experience — whether this be improving food options, meal schedules or even menus to cut lines down in the dining hall. Second, I want to strengthen areas of weak Wi-Fi connection on campus, particularly in freshman halls. My main goal is to implement a TEDx-style event in which professors from different departments host seminars, discussions and lunch and learns over a weekend on pointed topics in their fields of expertise. Lastly, I would house weekly office hours during which I would host conversations with peers to help combat issues as they arise throughout the school year.

Austin Graham

I, Austin Graham, am running for Student Government Association (SGA) first-year representative because I believe that I will be a strong advocate for first-year voices as a member of the student government. I also assert that my keen instinct for listening to your voices and sympathizing with your grievances will make me the perfect representative, willing to serve the interests of our class and our university as a whole. My vision for SGA in the Emory community is one of inclusion, transparency and visibility. Through inclusion, SGA can make efforts on behalf of all students to improve all aspects of the Emory experience. Through transparency, SGA can ensure that students hold members accountable for representing their voices and opinions and consider all viewpoints before making decisions that affect every student. Finally, through visibility, SGA can extend its base and begin to increase participation and accountability in student government.

Gabrielle Mallozzi

My name is Gabrielle Mallozzi, and I am running to be a first-year representative in the Student Government Association (SGA). Even though I’ve only been at Emory for a few weeks, I have had an amazing experience and want to be involved in fostering a great experience for my peers as well. I was reelected every year for my high school’s student council and loved working with the student body to implement changes and make it a better place. I hope to do the same at Emory through SGA. I’m very outgoing, sociable and passionate. I think these traits will aid me in facilitating communication between students and the council and working to address student concerns and issues. Thank you, and I hope you’ll consider me for your freshman representative.

Olivier Niyibizi

My name is Olivier Niyibizi, and I am a first-year student at Emory University. I am running for the position of Student Government Association (SGA) first-year representative because I believe the Emory community can only be as good as we, the students, are willing to make it. If I am elected, I will work with those in the SGA and the administration to ensure that the concerns of the student body are dealt with and bring realistic changes to the University’s campus. As a first year and international student, I will use my unique perspective to improve how students, organizations and the administration all interact with one another. I was elected to the position of student president at my previous school, so I have had many opportunities to develop my confidence and experience facilitating communication between the student body, faculty and governing bodies.

Shreya Pabbaraju

My name is Shreya Pabbaraju, the girl with the infamously long name. Though I have only been on campus a few weeks, I’ve come to see the diversity of people that Emory has, and that diversity is beautiful. But with diversity comes a varied set of beliefs and opinions. Recent events seem to have polarized our conversations on politics, but I want Emory students to have the opportunity to discuss their beliefs with others who may disagree without the fear of hateful language. Whether your opinion is in the minority or the majority, I want you to know that your voice matters. I want to ensure that the Emory campus remains a place where free speech, not hate speech, is protected by encouraging forums similar to Dooley Debates that will allow you to become part of a conversation where we can all learn to respect and appreciate the views of others.

Laura Sheckter

We have heard it a thousand times: Our class is the biggest and brightest class that has ever attended Emory. Every student wants to do different and wonderful things with their four years here, and I want to make sure you will be able to do it. Hello, my name is Laura Sheckter, and I want to represent you in the Student Government Association (SGA) because I am just like you. I have a passion for medicine, business and philosophy. I am an athlete on the women’s basketball team. I have a love for the arts, theater and music, and I want to give back to my community. If you vote for me you will be voting for someone who cares about each individual and what they want to do here. I want to be part of the behind-the-scenes crew that makes this year as best as possible!

Georgia Spies

Hello everyone, my name is Georgia Spies, and I am running to be a Student Government Association (SGA) first-year representative. A few facts about me are I am from Havertown, Pa., I am currently undecided in what my major will be and I have seven siblings (feel free to ask me about this). I want everyone in the class of 2021 to have an opportunity to change Emory. So far from my time on campus, I’ve heard countless complaints from my peers about how difficult OPUS is to navigate. Elected into SGA, I will push for the renovation of the OPUS website. I will openly hear complaints and praises and apply them to decision making. I value hard work, dedication and an open mind, all of which I will use, if elected, to help make 2017-18 an amazing year for all of us.

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