Emory is officially in full swing and, as the last few weeks of summer dwindle, it’s time to prepare for the fall and winter seasons. With fashion week looming and talk of spring 2015 trends upon us, it’s important to look back and remember the fall runways of last February when preparing for the upcoming season.

Of the many looks that emerged from New York, Milan and Paris, a few sartorial choices stood out for this upcoming fall season. From knits and clean silhouettes to neutral tones and popping colors, this season is varied and all about layering and wrapping up to keep away from the cold.

Emerging as a must this season is the all-over knit. Perhaps reinforced by the polar vortex’s chill last winter or by a need for comfort and ease, knitwear was prominent on the fall runways. Sported in light and neutral hues, expect this trend to be a fall staple, augmented by minimalism and clean lines.

Along the same vein of snug pieces, ponchos are also a necessity. Designers definitely had comfort in mind when creating their clothing, as both trends were dominant on the runway. Resembling a blanket yet providing the warmth of a coat, ponchos present a sophisticated yet folk-like look for the season.

On the other end of the fall runway spectrum, unusual furs emerged as up and coming outerwear. Seen in multicolored palettes with color pops, fur jackets, coats and vests brought uninhibited and animalistic vibes. These pieces seemed to explode out from their belted waists in an outrageous yet controlled chaos, reminiscent of their previous animal owners.

Additionally, ostrich feather-silhouetted black overcoats created a daintier and more windswept version of these fur pieces. Both ostrich plumes and fuzzy patchwork provided an interesting juxtaposition to the more slim and demure silhouettes of their knit counterparts.

Last but not least, and perhaps the most versatile look of the season as well as my personal favorite trend, sportswear and athletic-esque pieces traversed the runways. This latest trend proved to be an interesting twist to the nylon and streamlined clothing as well as swimwear items of this past summer.

Modified for the cold weather, these sporty looks catered to a demographic less interested in the eccentricity of overcoats and more interested in the sleek vibes of active-wear.

Of these three facets of 2014’s fall fashion, it’s easy to see that the fall collections encompass a wide range of looks. Simple knits, sportswear, black ostrich feathers and unconventional fur coats only highlight some of the most noteworthy looks of the runway. The vast variety of designs produced for this season attest to the fact that fashion is ever-changing, evolving and expanding and also to the fact that fashion is personal, yet universal and multifaceted.

While trends are an important aspect of fashion design and creation, there is a niche within the fast-moving world for everyone. So whether you get out your colorblocked fur overcoat with feather embellishments or your simple floor-length knit dress for fall, this season has something for all fashion lovers and individuals of all sartorial preferences.

– By Hilleary Gramling