#emoryprobz: Emory Year in Review


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  1. Anonymous Freshman 3 years ago

    Please if you are of the Emory Administration (or anyone for that matter), read this Emory Wheel editorial by an Emory professor if you haven’t already. (I have attached the website’s address). To introduce myself, I am an upcoming anonymous freshman at Emory, and I am afraid that Emory’s seemingly complacent academic reputation has concerned me. I wish for Emory to realize its potential for improvement and CHANGE–not only in the public approval of the press via mass media (e.g. groundbreaking research and notable progress to the Olympics though those are
    spectacular)–but in the day-to-day catering of undergraduate students. The students may look to be on the right tracks of pre-med this and pre-law that, but their struggles for attaining those titles and degreescome at a stressful cost (not speaking solely of financially-wise here). I hope the reader of this comment takes a course of ACTION after reading the editorial article, which writes much more fluidly of the case I am trying to make here.

    As an upcoming freshman, I especially want to impact Emory’s future in its education and this is my first step.

    Read this please and share amongst yourselves: