Emory has announced a reduction of all non-essential research by March 23, according to an email sent by Interim Provost Jan Love to University faculty. 

Faculty have been directed to conclude all “non-essential, non-critical” on-campus experiments and reduce contact with all study participants in an effort to stymie the spread of the novel coronavirus. Essential research activities will be determined at the school level by school or research unit leaders.

“Requests for consideration to proceed as ‘essential research’ should be submitted to the senior research officer in your school or unit as soon as possible and no later than March 20,” the email reads.

Research groups are “encouraged” to maintain the structures of their teams and continue to charge salaries to research grants as they transition to remote work, in line with federal guidelines.

”The National Institutes for Health is also working on lengthening timelines for certain activities such as progress reports,” according to the email.

The move comes after schools such as Harvard University (Mass.), Stanford University (Calif.) and Johns Hopkins University (Md.) have also scaled back research in past weeks due to the outbreak.