Emory Point to Add Two New Fitness Studios

Emory Point will be welcoming two new fitness studios: Pink Barre, and Orangetheory Fitness, opening in February and April, respectively.

The studios, which both offer group classes, are just some of the latest additions to Emory Point Phase I — a retail, restaurant and residential complex located on Clifton Rd. near Emory’s main campus.

According to an Oct. 18 Atlanta Business Journal article, 87 percent of the Emory Point retail space is occupied and 90 percent of the apartments in Phase I have been leased.

Some of the other retailers include Sweet Monkey, La Tagliatella, BurgerFi, CVS, American Threads, Fab’rik, the General Muir and Tin Lizzy’s.

According to the company’s website, Pink Barre offers barre classes, in which participants use a horizontal bar located at about waist level — the same type of barre that is most often associated with ballet. Pink Barre’s classes are “pilates based [with] low impact, precise movements,” owner and founder of Pink Barre Tara Joiner wrote in an email to the Wheel.
“The class format is choreographed to amazing music, and the experience at Pink Barre is social, engaging and geared to cater to all levels of fitness and complement any existing fitness regimens,” Joiner wrote.

Orangetheory Fitness offers “heart-rate-based treadmill interval training,” according to the company’s website.

“Orangetheory Fitness uses the science of heart rate-based treadmill interval training, the efficiency of indoor rowing for increased power and the proven concept of weight training blocks to create the fitness level and body you have always desired,” Orangetheory Fitness studio manager Moses Carroll wrote in an email to the Wheel.

Joiner said her company chose Emory Point because it is “surrounded by educated, health-conscious individuals that are excited about a new barre experience that is efficient, social and inspiring.”

Carroll also chose Emory Point as its newest addition because of the abundance of students in the area.

“Since students have such hectic schedules and don’t need to get boggled down with trying to figure out a workout routine, we make it fun and easy to get fit,” Carroll wrote.

Some Emory students are excited about the new additions to Emory Point because it is one of the only shopping and retail centers close by to Emory.

“There are no other fitness options other than the [Woodruff P.E. Center] WoodPEC within walking distance from main campus,” College freshman Pauline Wizig said. “This boutique would ideally offer classes that are not currently offered at the WoodPEC, such as barre classes.”

Wizig added that she would like to see other options at Emory Point as well.

“There are different restaurants that fit a wide variety of tastes and budgets, but I would love to see a blow dry bar or a small grocery store at Emory Point,” she said.

The new additions come on the heels of the commencement of Phase II of Emory Point, which is expected to open spring 2015.

According to a Sept. 5 Wheel article, Cousins Properties has hired a third party, Vantage Realty, to lease the remaining retail locations.

Brittany McCall — an associate at Vantage who handles all of the company’s mixed-use developments such as Emory Point — said she envisions Emory Point as an experiential retail that allows patrons to visit several of the stores and restaurants.
“We also want the retail to be a strong amenity to the surrounding community: to those who live at Emory Point and in surrounding neighborhoods as well as those who attend Emory University and those who office near the development as well,” McCall wrote.

According to the Cousins Properties website, the company that still owns the project at Emory Point, the entire shopping complex is the first new major retail development in this trade area in two decades.

—By Dana Youngentob

Photo by James Crissman