In a March 19 student-wide email, the University announced the creation of a $5 million fund and the option of pass-fail grading in an attempt to mitigate financial and academic hardships created by the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

The email stated that the fund would be managed by Campus Life and that there would be an application to apply for such funds, though further information will be released by March 23.

The option to switch course grading will be available on March 27 at 9 a.m., and courses taken on a pass-fail basis will count toward general education requirements and major or minor requirements, according to a follow-up email sent from the Office for Undergraduate Education (OUE). 

Pass-fail requests will be reviewed and responded to by each course’s respective school or college “through school-based governance policies and committees,” according to the email.

The email encouraged students to consider possible implications of switching to pass-fail.

“Some graduate and professional schools will not accept or will require additional details” on classes taken pass-fail, the OUE email stated. 

Faculty members were also granted the opportunity to request their courses to change from a normal grading basis.

Students will also have the extended option for course withdrawal on March 27, an option normally only extended to freshmen.

More details concerning the fund and application guidelines will be provided by March 23.

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