Emory’s admission rate dropped 3.5 percentage points this year to 15 percent, according to Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment and Dean of Admission John Latting.

“That’s pretty big,” Latting said. “It’s only a 3.5 percentage point difference but it actually is a 19 percent change in admit rate. We’re admitting almost 600 fewer students.”

The number of admitted students increased by 9 percent. A total of 30,017 prospective students applied to the College of Arts and Sciences, a record high.

Oxford College admitted 3,432 students. Approximately 17,500 applied to both Oxford and Emory College.

Approximately 10 percent of the admitted class are first-generation college students.

This year, the average, unweighted GPA for Emory College admitted students was 3.86, a 0.1 increase from the previous year. The median for last year’s admitted class GPA was 3.91 and this year’s class has a median of 3.92.

The average SAT score for incoming freshmen is 1471 while last year’s incoming students averaged a score of 1459. This year’s median SAT score is 1490. Last year the score was 1480. The mean ACT score for a 2018 admit was 32.9 while in 2019, the mean was 33.1. Considering the highest score given per applicant, this year’s median ACT score 34 and in 2018 it was 33.

Latting said the admissions office hopes to reach its target of enrolling 1,370 incoming freshmen. The predicted yield rate of admitted students who will enroll is 30.4 percent. Last year, the yield rate was 28 percent.

“Emory is getting a bit more successful over time at enrolling the students it admits,” Latting said. “We’ll see in the month of May.”

California applicants received more acceptances than any of the 49 states represented, including Georgia. The number of high schools represented in this year’s cycle of admissions was 2,562.

Latting said that the University accepted a lower number of students from Georgia, citing the school’s goal of being a “global institution” and the increasingly diverse demographics of the class of 2023.

Accepted applicants spanned 106 different nations and spoke 81 different first languages. Latting said these statistics exhibit an “amazing level of diversity.”

Latting said the growing applicant pool demonstrates a rapid increase in interest in Emory.

“Later classes will start looking and getting a sense of the quality of students admitted and enrolling,” Latting said. “We’ll see Emory is really at the forefront. It’s really among a top group of institutions.”