2020 Elections Guide

The Emory Wheel asked each candidate for SGA President and Vice President, College Council President and Vice President and BBA Council President to submit a 150-word platform. 

Elections will be held from April 2 at 8 p.m. to April 5 at 8 p.m. Runoff elections will be held from April 8 at 8 p.m. to April 9 at 8 p.m. if necessary.

Campaigning will be limited to digital forms. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns. Online ballots were emailed to students on April 2.



SGA President

Lori Steffel

Hi, my name is Lori Steffel and I’m running for President of SGA. I’ve spent the past year as Vice President, dedicating my time to campus-wide initiatives in an effort to support all students. We’ve introduced free printing and free menstrual products, we’ve developed stronger ties to the international student community, and we’ve built a lot of momentum within SGA. But there’s still so much left to be done. Mikko and I have many goals for the coming year, most of which are encompassed by three underlying principles: developing important resources for Emory students, connecting with communities on campus, and continuing to create a cohesive governance structure. We firmly believe that a commitment to these principles will enable an effective and impactful SGA. Visit our platform at lorimikko.com or reach out to us to learn more about what we have in store for the year. Thank you.

SGA Executive Vice President

Mikko Biana

Hi! My name is Mikko Biana and I’m running for Vice President of the Student Government Association. This past year I served as Chief of Staff of the 53rd SGA. I’ve used my positions and experiences outside of SGA, such as in Residence Life and the Office of Undergraduate Admission, in order to bring a fresh perspective to student governance. The main reason I decided to join student government in the first place was the opportunity to advocate on behalf of historically underrepresented groups. To that end, my running mate Lori and I love Emory and the community we’ve shaped in it. This mentality drives the foundation of the three pillars of our platform: developing important resources for Emory students, connecting with communities on Emory’s campus, and continuing to build a cohesive governance structure. We hope you join us in turning these visions into a reality for our student body.

CC President

Aditya Jhaveri

My name is Aditya Jhaveri and I am a third-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a part of College Council, I have helped implement online course evaluations, managed Professors at Kaldi’s Getting Coffee, and served as the VP of Finance. I am now running for President of College Council to further improve Emory. A brief overview of my platform is three-fold. First, I will change finance and budgeting through reforming the monetary policy, treasurer’s training, and documentation access. Second, I will address diversity and inclusion by advancing cultural competency, increasing awareness of campus issues along with solutions, and enhancing Oxford integration. Third, I will work on collaboration and entrepreneurship through improving the career center, boosting innovation, and empowering student leadership. Please share any thoughts you have at https://tiny.cc/adityajhaveri, and you can check out my entire platform at https://www.facebook.com/adityaforccpres.

Matthew Sistrunk

I’m Matthew Sistrunk and I want to be your CC President. My platform revolves around hearing directly from you, the student. College Council, as a governing body, is the primary liaison that we have to communicate our concerns. It is the collective voice of Oxford Continuees, transfer students and international students alike that we can use to attain our collective goals. Examples could be assessments of shuttle convenience or reviews of potential retail tenants in the area. As a student who took time off from school to join the workforce I have unmatched experience working with large corporations and the federal government. This has allowed me to value efficient communication and be able to to cut through the unnecessary while focusing on needs. However, I don’t want to just look for flaws but discover what we are doing right and multiply the positives. So Emory, let’s hear it.

Brad Bennet

Hi, my name is Brad Bennett, and I am running to be your College Council President.  I became involved with student government during my first year, and I currently serve in College Council as Vice President of Organization Management.  Through my experience, I have learned that College Council currently places a greater emphasis on governing itself rather than supporting the students of the College.  Because of this, I have created a practical plan to better advocate for individual students on campus—not for College Council itself, but for the students we represent.  My platform has three main pillars: academic and career services, student wellness, and student organization prosperity.  By moving beyond creating structural changes inside College Council and engaging with other decision makers on campus, I am confident that we will make meaningful progress towards better student life at Emory.  You can find my complete platform, and my plans to get it done, at bradforcc.com.

CC Vice President

Alex Koo

Hi I’m Alex and I’m running for College Council Vice President. I’ve been on College Council for the past 2 years as AVP of finance and third year legislator. This experience has given me the opportunity to understand how College Council and other governing bodies function. I’m running on a platform of transparency, innovation, and efficiency. I believe it is the role of College Council to be a voice for the student body. The values and needs of students need to be easily communicated in order for College Council to best serve our peers. I want the 65th council to be more innovative and utilize all resources to improve the student experience. Transparency will allow for people to be aware of the actions of College Council and how it impacts them. Finally, efficiency will allow processes to run quicker and smoother so that students aren’t discouraged from communicating with us.

Ash Addanki

I’m Ash Addanki, and I’m running for College Council Vice President. I’ve been on the executive board of CC for two years now; this experience has shown me CC’s potential for improvement. As vice president, I intend to focus on three core areas: collaborative programming, easier budgeting, and student leader empowerment. I want to create more opportunities for student organizations to work with CC, increasing partnerships to put on more campus-wide events to better engage the Emory community. Also, I will expand the Budget Help Centers I implemented earlier this year; work to re-shape treasurer’s training; and simplify the budget request system, making it more straight-forward. I will also establish a concrete structure for our newly created committee chairs that you voted for to roll out their initiatives so CC can do more for you! I want to hear from you; so please, tell me what you want to see.

BBA Council President

Aditya Govindraj

My name is Aditya Govindraj and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for BBA Council President! This past year I’ve had the distinct pleasure of serving as VP of Finance on BBA Council. While in this role I oversaw our entire division’s budgeting process, helped implement policies that promote inclusivity in clubs, and supported a number of other initiatives along the way. Concurrently, I’ve represented BBA Council at SGA’s Finance committee which oversaw the budgeting process for the Executive Agencies. My distinguished experiences put me in a unique position for success in the role. My platform stands on 3 pillars- advocacy (fighting for more equitable funding regarding the SAF split), transparency (increased accountability and more) and inclusivity (an environment conducive to positive and diverse experiences). There’s a lot more I’d like to include here -I hope you’ll consider reading my full platform and reaching out to learn more!

Emily Ferguson

My name is Emily Ferguson and I am so excited to be running for BBA Council President!  I have spent the past two years serving on SGA and BBA Council. I have loved my experience in these roles as it has allowed me to get know my classmates and make positive changes for their experience. I am running for president because I have the experience and passion needed to improve the student experience at Goizueta. I plan to make improvements in three areas: student support, leadership development, and community connections. My primary goal is to be proactive, especially with changes regarding student experience. These changes include reappointing a member to be a liaison for student concerns and adding a feedback form to the Blast. I believe that student voices should be the driver of student government. I look forward to hearing from you throughout the elections season and next year.

SGA, CC and BBA Council voting closes April 5 at 8 p.m.

Guide compiled by Isaiah Poritz and designed by Cailen Chinn.