Nicole Sadek & Niraj Naik | Editors-in-Chief

Nicole Sadek (20C) is from Charleston, S.C., majoring in English and creative writing and international studies. Sadek previously served as social media editor, copy chief, managing editor and editor-at-large. This past summer, she worked as an intern for Greece’s daily newspaper Kathimerini, which is distributed exclusively with the International New York Times. You can find her drinking iced coffee and attempting to play the guitar. Contact Sadek at [email protected].

Niraj Naik (20B) is from Twinsburg, Ohio, majoring in business administration and political science. He is a really nice guy who enjoys spending time with others. If that sounds like you, hit him up! Contact Naik at [email protected].

Seungeun Cho | Executive Editor

Seungeun “Sage” Cho (20C) is Seoul-born and San Diego-raised, double majoring in comparative literature and East Asian studies. Cho previously served as the Wheel’s Emory Life Editor and enjoys JRPGs, snowboarding, dreaming and literature. Contact Cho at [email protected].

Shreya Pabbaraju | Managing Editor

Shreya Pabbaraju (21C) is from Duluth, Ga., double majoring in political science and English and creative writing. Pabbaraju co-hosts the WMRE radio show “The Next Best Alternative.” She is also a Center for Law and Social Science fellow, an IDEAS fellow, and a tour guide. She interned for the Institute for Developing Nations and this past summer researched under the Institute of Human Rights. When she isn’t writing poetry and short stories, she loves learning about tea and coffee brewing. She hopes to one day master the art of the pun. Contact Pabbaraju at [email protected].

Madison Bober | Managing Editor

Madison Bober (21C) is from Hollywood, Fla., majoring in political science and minoring in women’s, gender and sexuality studies. In addition to the Wheel, she is an undergraduate research fellow at Emory’s Center for Law and Social Science and a member of the Emory College Honor Council. This summer, she interned on NBC Miami’s assignment desk. Contact Bober at [email protected].

Jacqueline Ma | Copy Editor

Jacqueline Ma (21C) is from Houston, Texas, majoring in neuroscience and behavioral biology. This past summer, she worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center in the Cancer Systems Imaging department. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, buying fruit at Your Dekalb Farmers Market and listening to The Moth podcast. Contact Ma at [email protected].

Madison Stephens | Copy Editor

Madi Stephens (21C) is from Little Rock, Ark., majoring in English and political science. She previously served as an Editorial Board member and interned with the Arkansas Press Association. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys reading, exploring Atlanta and offering unsolicited, spicy opinions. Contact Stephens at [email protected].

Isaiah Poritz | News Editor

Isaiah Poritz (22C) is from Salt Lake City, Utah, majoring in political science and minoring in quantitative theory and methods. This summer, he served as the news intern for the Salt Lake City Weekly where he covered local politics and culture. He is a die-hard Utah Jazz fan and loves to talk about sports. Contact Poritz at [email protected].

Zach Ball | Opinion Editor

Zach Ball (20C) is from Griffin, Ga., double majoring in history and political science. He is a passionate advocate for social justice and global humanitarian issues, and hopes to work in either higher education or international relations in the future. Ball is an avid reader of political news and opinion and can often be found discussing current events with fellow Emory students. Ball is a staff writer for the Emory Political Review. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Little Five Points, listening to music and playing retro video games. Contact Ball at [email protected].

Adesola Thomas | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Adesola Thomas (20C) is from Hampton, Ga., a place she refers to as “the land of cow pastures.” She is a double major in political science and English. She enjoys cooking, long scenic walks and looking at pictures of black labs on the internet. The first song Thomas ever learned how to rap all the way through was Kanye West’s “Herd Em’ Say” which she now feels mildly conflicted about. Thomas brings up Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” at least once a day and wrote every one of her college admissions essays about the social impact of “Saturday Night Live.” She can hide up to twelve pencils in her afro and enjoys writing about people and art. Contact Thomas at [email protected].

Caroline Silva | Emory Life Editor

Caroline Silva (22C) is from São Paulo, Brazil, majoring in English and philosophy. In addition to the Wheel, she serves on the Senate Campus Life Committee and Committee on the Environment. During her freshman year, she was a member of the University Senate representing the College of Arts and Sciences. In her free time, she can be found indulging on vegan sweets, reading poetry and playing video games. Contact Silva at [email protected].

Ryan Callahan | Sports Editor

Ryan Callahan (22C) is from Richboro, Pa and majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law. Outside of the Wheel, he serves on the executive boards for the Residence Hall Association and Pre-Law Society and is an independent contractor for Fansided. His favorite catch phrase is “Trust the Process” and loves to talk about anything and everything. Contact Callahan at [email protected].

Forrest Martin | Photo Editor

Forrest Martin (21C) is from Atlanta, Ga., majoring in psychology and minoring in economics. Outside of the Wheel, he spends most of his time watching or playing sports, browsing YouTube, and going out to eat with his friends. He loves going to Atlanta United games and taking photos when he can. Contact Martin at [email protected].

Cailen Chinn | Multimedia Editor

Cailen Chinn (22C) is from Boulder, Colorado, and double majoring in Media Studies and French. Aside from managing the Wheel’s social media accounts, she is a member of Emory’s varsity swim team, and in Emory Art History Club. She prides herself in her taste in music and her coffee addiction (which she documents on her Instagram account, @cailendrinkscoffee). Contact Chinn at [email protected].

Annie Uichanco | Special Sections Editor

Annie Uichanco (20C) is from Tampa, Fla., majoring in music composition. She covers sports and occasionally arts & entertainment. In addition to the Wheel, she is an avid baker, guitarist and true lefty. Contact Uichanco at [email protected].

Ayushi Agarwal | Assistant Copy Editor

Ayushi Agarwal (21C) is from Mumbai, India, and is a junior majoring in psychology. Outside of the Wheel, she spends her time volunteering at Gigi’s Playhouse and doing research in the Psychology Department. Contact Agarwal at [email protected].

Richard Chess | Senior Editor

Richard Chess (20C) is from Seattle. He served previously at the Wheel as executive editor and news editor, covering issues related to the city of Atlanta and broke the news that the Migos scandal cost Emory $37,500. Richard has received numerous collegiate journalism awards for his investigative and breaking news coverage, including an SPJ Mark of Excellence Award in 2019. Richard has combined his passions for journalism and business by working for Mira Insight, a startup that aims to better connect PR professionals with journalists, and by founding a copy editing service company in 2018. Previously, he interned for Heritage Wealth Advisors, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services. Contact Chess at [email protected].

Aditya Prakash | Associate Editor

Aditya Prakash (20C) is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pursuing a double major in neuroscience and behavioral biology and philosophy. He enjoys playing 16-bit indie games and arguing for his pronunciation of the word schedule. He half-jokingly aims to one day join The Onion or Clickhole, but until then he will continue to serve the Wheel. Contact Prakash at [email protected].

Devin Bog | Associate Editor

Devin Bog (20C) is from Fremont, Calif., majoring in biology and political science. He loves music, learning new things and the natural light on the main floor of Atwood Chemistry Center. Bog previously served as Arts & Entertainment editor. Contact Bog at [email protected].

Jesse Weiner | Associate Editor

Jesse Weiner (21C) is from Ambler, Pa., and plans to major in Business and History. In addition to the Wheel, he is a trip leader for Outdoor Emory and the housing chair for Delta Tau Delta fraternity. He spends his free time watching movies and debating their merits with the Wheel’s film critic, cheering on the Miami Marlins and updating his country music playlist. Contact Weiner at [email protected].

Madeline Lutwyche | Associate Editor

Madeline Lutwyche (20C) is from Baltimore, Md., majoring in mathematics. She joined the Wheel’s Editorial Board in Fall 2016. She is a member of the women’s swimming and diving team and a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. Contact Lutwyche at [email protected].