Madison Bober | Editor-in-Chief

Madison Bober (20C) is from Hollywood, Florida, majoring in political science and minoring in women’s, gender and sexuality studies. Before being elected editor-in-chief, Bober served as managing news editor, copy editor and multimedia editor. This upcoming summer, she will intern at NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. Contact Bober at [email protected].

Isaiah Poritz | Executive Editor

Isaiah Poritz (22C) is from Salt Lake City, Utah, majoring in political science and minoring in quantitative theory and methods. This upcoming summer, he will intern at CBS News in Washington, D.C. He is a die-hard Utah Jazz fan. Contact Poritz at [email protected].

Ayushi Agarwal | Managing Editor

Ayushi Agarwal (21C) is from Mumbai, India, majoring in psychology and minoring in media studies. Agarwal previously served as the Wheel’s photo editor and as an assistant copy editor. She is currently interning with The Wire, an independent Indian news website. Contact Agarwal at [email protected].

Caroline Silva | Managing Editor

Caroline Silva (22C) is from São Paulo, Brazil, majoring in English and philosophy. Silva previously served as Emory Life editor. In addition to the Wheel, she serves on the Senate Campus Life Committee and Committee on the Environment. During her first year, she was a member of the University Senate representing the College of Arts and Sciences. In her free time, she can be found indulging on vegan sweets, reading poetry and playing video games. Contact Silva at [email protected].

Ryan Callahan | Managing Editor

Ryan Callahan (22C) is from Richboro, Pennsylvania, majoring in philosophy, politics and law. Callahan previously served as the Wheel’s sports editor. Outside of the Wheel, he serves on the executive boards for the Residence Hall Association and Pre-Law Society, and is an independent contractor for Fansided. Contact Callahan at [email protected].

Jacqueline Ma | Copy Chief

Jacqueline Ma (21C) is from Houston, Texas, majoring in neuroscience and behavioral biology. This past summer, she worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center in the Cancer Systems Imaging department. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, buying fruit at Your Dekalb Farmers Market and listening to The Moth podcast. Contact Ma at [email protected].

Ninad Kulkarni | News Editor

Ninad Kulkarni (22C) is from Hyderabad, India, majoring in economics. You can catch him playing racquetball at the WoodPEC. Contact Kulkarni at [email protected].

Zach Ball | Opinion Editor

Zach Ball (20C) is from Griffin, Georgia, double majoring in history and political science. He is a passionate advocate for social justice and global humanitarian issues, and hopes to work in either higher education or international relations in the future. Ball is an avid reader of political news and opinion and can often be found discussing current events with fellow Emory students. Ball is a staff writer for the Emory Political Review. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Little Five Points, listening to music and playing retro video games. Contact Ball at [email protected].

Ben Thomas | Opinion Editor

Ben Thomas (23C) is from Centerville, Ohio, majoring in political science and English. In addition to his role at the Wheel, he is a member of the Ethics and Servant Leadership Forum, an associate justice on the Constitutional Council and a social sciences editor at the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal. Contact Thomas at [email protected].

Joel Lerner | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Joel Lerner (20Ox, 22C) is from Johns Creek, Georgia, majoring in environmental science. Outside of the Wheel, his interests include theater, music and books. If you want to strike up a (seemingly endless) conversation with him, just mention “Doctor Who” or TikTok. Contact Lerner at [email protected].

Angela Tang | Emory Life Editor

Angela Tang (22C) is from West Lafayette, Indiana, majoring in economics and mathematics on a pre-med track. Outside of the Wheel, she works at an HIV lab and serves on the curriculum, assessment and educational policy College Council committee. She enjoys watching gymnastics, collecting stationery and drinking Blue Donkey’s summer almond blend. Contact Tang at [email protected].

Jessica Solomon | Sports Editor

Jessica Solomon (23C) is from Bethesda, Maryland, majoring in neuroscience and behavioral biology on a pre-med track. Aside from being the sports editor, Solomon is an Emory tour guide and plays on the club volleyball team. Before coming to the Wheel, Solomon was a copy editor for her high school newspaper, The Black & White. She loves everything Washington, D.C., and is still pumped about the Nationals’ World Series win and the Capitals’ Stanley Cup victory. Contact Solomon at [email protected].

Forrest Martin | Photo Editor

Forrest Martin (21C) is from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in psychology and minoring in economics. Outside of the Wheel, he spends most of his time watching or playing sports, browsing YouTube and going out to eat with his friends. He loves going to Atlanta United games and taking photos when he can. Contact Martin at [email protected].

Jackson Schneider | Photo Editor

Jackson Schneider (23C) is from Lafayette, Louisiana, double majoring in political science and economics. Outside of the Wheel, Schneider is an executive committee member of the Emory Questbridge Scholars program and an assistant in the Anthropology Department. In his free time, he enjoys novels, video games and spending way too many Dooley Dollars on coffee. Contact Schneider at [email protected].

Cailen Chinn | Multimedia Editor

Cailen Chinn (22C) is from Boulder, Colorado, and double majoring in film and media studies and French. Aside from managing the Wheel’s social media accounts, she is a member of Emory’s varsity swim team. She prides herself in her taste in music and her coffee addiction (which she documents on her Instagram account, @cailendrinkscoffee). Contact Chinn at [email protected].

Christina Yan | Associate Editor

Christina Yan (21B) is from Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, majoring in business administration. She previously served as assistant news editor, news editor and managing editor. She won a 2018 Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists in the General News Reporting category for her coverage of Emory Law Professor Paul J. Zwier II’s use of a racial slur in class and was a finalist in the same category for her investigation of the 2018 Student Government Association elections. She won first place from the Georgia College Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest in the Best News Article Based on Objective Reporting for her coverage of the impeachment of the Student Government Association president. Contact Yan at [email protected].

Jesse Weiner | Associate Editor

Jesse Weiner (21C) is from Ambler, Pennsylvania, majoring in business administration and history. Weiner spends his free time watching movies, cheering on the Miami Marlins and updating his country music playlist. Contact Weiner at [email protected].

Aidan Vick | Associate Editor

Aidan Vick (22C) is from North Sioux City, South Dakota, a town in which the tallest man-made structure is a McDonald’s sign. He is majoring in English and minoring in classics and enjoys running. Vick currently oversees the Wheel’s crossword puzzle and writes music reviews for the Arts & Entertainment section. Contact Vick at [email protected].