The newly opened Eagle Convenience Store was warmly received by the Emory community due to its convenient location and hours and its varied products. The Emory Wheel asked members of the Emory community for their opinion:

“Ever since the store opened, we’ve had a lot of students. I keep on hearing students walk in and wonder why the store hadn’t existed before. The busiest hours at the store are mostly late night once the DUC closes and people don’t want complete meals but prefer healthier options. I’ve seen a lot of students pick up to-go pasta dishes which don’t take a lot of time, cereal, milk and even toothbrushes. The hungrier lot love to go to the subs. I absolutely love the energy here!”

– Katie Hightower, cashier who works the night shift at the Eagle Convenience store


“I was caught with the freshmen flu and it was the best thing in the world to have Advil close by and not have to walk up all the way to CVS to get medicine when I felt sick. It replaces my need and helps me shop for things I need urgently. I generally go there very late at night or early morning.

Being on the swim team, the chocolate milk is a saving grace. I feel so much healthier with respect to my eating habits now. I’d rather buy from here than [have] the early morning/late night vending machine food.”

– Isabella Issa, College freshman and member of the Emory swim team


“I sometimes find myself walking up late and running to class, during which I enjoy picking up a small bite from the store. The store replaces half the needs to visit CVS. Unless and until I need to pick up groceries, the convenience store is very convenient. There could be more options at the store. The price seems reasonable especially considering how close it is now and the employees are always very nice and amicable.”

– Whitaker Rapp​, College freshman


“I came here after working out and I return mostly for late night snacking. I live in the sophomore Complex and the DUC closes early. CVS is also very far away and it gets very hard to buy everything one needs from there but ever since the convenience store, I buy all my stuff from here. I really wish I had this my freshman year. They have everything I want and I’m very glad it opened. I also recommend their Italian Meatball Sub!” – Wanlin Zeng, College sophomore

– By Ksheerja Batra, Contributing Writer