DoolinoWe have marched a long journey, but are now finally upon the sweet nectar of gravy, stuffing and awkward questions from obscure relatives. For many, this is a well-deserved break where we can recharge our batteries and finally rest and relax. If you are staying on campus for Thanksgiving break, treat yourself to some non-DUC food (because you literally have no other choice). Until then, persevere and continue to climb toward Nov. 23; it is just one midterm away!

Dear Doolino,
What the heck do I do this Thanksgiving? I forgot to book my tickets back to Hoboken! Now I have to stay on campus and watch every friend leave. What am I supposed to do when all my friends are gone? What do I do without Georgia Tech? What do I do without the DUC?
Yours sincerely,


Dear Thanksgrieving,
The campus may die down as the holiday comes around, but the city of Atlanta truly does come to life. Go downtown and actually experience this city for once — those odd Ubers to Georgia Tech or walking to Chipotle do not count. Visit the World of Coca-Cola (a single time before you realize you cannot go there more than once), the Georgia Aquarium (if you’re made of gold) and Little Five Points (if you want to get robbed).

If I haven’t sold you yet, take comfort in the fact that there are a multitude of other students (mostly international) who will still be around. This is a prime opportunity to make some new friends. Outdoor sports, while the weather is “cold for Atlanta,” is an outstanding idea; frisbee on the Quad is a great way to pass the time. Strolls through Lullwater Park with the chilly winds tickling your face are a great way to appreciate our beautiful campus. Plus, the standard crowd of “Lullwater hooligans” are not around, so nothing shall tarnish the natural beauty of the woods, except for the splatter of duck feces surrounding the lake.

Oh, you could get a head start on studying for finals, but there are far too many episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix for that.

Yours truly,

Dear Doolino,

I have angst. I screwed up my Chem 141 midterm. I know it only gets harder from here and I’m willing to accept a less than satisfactory grade for now, but how am I supposed to cope with this next year? I am just an innocent biology major with no intent to pursue chemistry. Why is my future potential as a biologist dependent on something irrelevant? I don’t want advice; I am just questioning the innate unfairness of the system that judges the fish by its ability to climb a tree. When the subjective biases of the agent are the hand that feeds the mouth, how can one expect me to succeed?
Yours sincerely,

Dear Bohrdom,
Looks like somebody is overly proud of themselves for taking an introductory philosophy class and knowing the name of an existentialist philosopher. What did you do, Sparknotes Fear and Trembling or something?
Your anger at the system is justified; how many of the thousands of pre-meds  do you think have cried their eyes out studying for organic chemistry? How many pre-business students have banged heads against a wall to remind themselves that they are living when faced with the monotony of financial accounting? I will not use examples from other subjects, because let’s be honest, this is Emory — nobody does anything else.
The issue with your angst is that there is no clear, decisive solution. The skills you learn in these boring requirements are crucial to advancement in the career path you have chosen. The most bountiful of treasures is at the end of the most treacherous of roads and your B.S. in biology is no different. You will despise moments of it without a doubt, but at the end of the day it will maximize your proficiency and skill in your field of choice.
Freedom is not autonomy over every decision you have — it is choosing what constraints you want to put into your life. Like it or hate it, that is how you maximize your worth in any given livelihood.

Yours sincerely,

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