Good weather, no roommate and a very empty deli line at the DUC: the three prongs that make up the trident of fall break. Unfortunately, these happy times of procrastination have faded and we are left with this awkward middle ground of unimportance. This is the calm before the storm. Expect to be swamped with work very, very soon (if you aren’t already). Approach the worries of tomorrow with rationale and calmness.

Dear Doolino,

I love my roommate, I really do, but how am I supposed to tolerate him if he brings home a girl every night? Yes, every night from like 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., I have to leave my own room, slap myself every five minutes so I don’t doze off at around 1 a.m. and then return to my room, upon which I am greeted by an ingenuine, “Sorry man, I’ll stop doing this so much.”

Plus, did I mention he has keeps a rotting apple core collection in the corner of our room?!

I don’t want to break my friendship with him, which I know would happen if I requested to move. But this simply isn’t healthy, for either of us. What do I do?

From Suffering in Sexile

Dear Suffering in Sexile,

Firstly, what is a rotten apple core collection? having a hobby is one thing, but the only thing he’s going to be collecting is a strain of malignant E. coli.

Secondly, regarding the rest of the problem — you have to talk to someone about this if confronting him doesn’t change his womanizing ways. In freshmen housing, your RAs and SAs are trained to sort out any quarrels you may have in a tactful way as to not cause any sort of rift between you two. Definitely consider this option; seniors aren’t mindless robots who are incapable of handling tensions between people.

One thing you should definitely consider is expressing clearly your angst toward his antics. Faced against the welled-up feelings of someone who, from my interpretation, he is close to could very well be the wind that changes the course of his ship.

You have options. Feel not solitary in your time of travel, but rather proud that you are keeping good face throughout all of it.


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