Dooley Dollar Minimum Lowered

Students can now purchase Dooley Dollars in increments of $25 instead of $75.

The minimum amount was lowered on Nov. 6. Previously, students who have existing meal plans could only add Dooley Dollars in denominations of $75.

The change could help some students who are financially constrained, said College Council (CC) junior representative Jasmine Cui (20C), who worked with CC freshman representative Jane Wang (22C) to make the change.

“A lot of people might not be able to put $75 if they were asked to immediately,” Cui said. “We want to make sure students can be food secure.”

The two representatives spoke to members of the Emory Sustainability Committee about reducing the minimum purchase. They then involved Director of Campus Dining Chad Sunstein to implement the change.

Cui said students, particularly upperclassmen, were frustrated with the $75 minimum.

“When I tried to put money into my account, I was frustrated because $75 is a lot to ask from a person at once,” Cui said.

Christina Tian (17Ox, 19C) said she liked that Emory Dining reduced the minimum Dooley Dollar purchase.

“[It is] a good idea because you don’t always need to add that many [Dooley Dollars],” Tian said.

Justin Eisner (21B) said the move makes it more financially viable to buy Dooley Dollars.  

“It will no longer be as big of a decision to reload Dooley dollars,” Eisner said.