Deep House outfit Disclosure sold out Terminal West Saturday night, dropping deep tracks and getting the crowd on their feet.

Formed in 2010, the electronic duo, consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, has had an incredible rise to success over the past two years. They also significantly contributed to bringing Deep House – a subgenre of electronic dance music – to American popularity. Deep House consists of minimal drum beats, jazzy, chromatic melodies and chord progressions, and more ambient, soulful vocals than the popular Electro House subgenre. In 2012, they released “Latch,” a single which peaked at 11 on the UK Singles Chart. With the release of two more singles, “White Noise” and “You & Me,” and the release of their debut album, Settle, Disclosure moved on to gain global recognition.

The show started off with a small but respectable crowd as T. Williams, an upcoming DJ from London, got the night started off right. Williams warmed up the crowd nicely, playing some well-known deep house songs and getting the crowd moving to his groovy, uptempo, four-on-the-floor style. The energy of the crowd was building and one thing was certain: T. Williams was an extremely talented DJ.

As more people packed into the venue, T. Williams finished up his set while making sure the crowd was “ready for Disclosure.”

Everyone was waiting in anticipation as the lights finally went down and the Lawrence brothers could be seen on either side of the stage, centered by a giant diamond screen.

The duo instantly began the music, starting off with a popular track, “F For You.” The crowd instantly got into it, getting down to the rhythms of the hypnotic beats and repetitive lyrics about getting “infected.”

This was soon segued into another of their extremely popular songs, “When A Fire Starts to Burn.” This song pushes the tempo forward, with motivational lyric samples taken from an audio recording of an overly enthusiastic preacher, as images of fire blazed across the diamond screen.

During this song, the crowd was introduced to the real talent of the Lawrence brothers. Both brothers are not only talented DJ’s, but also talented singers and instrumentalists. On the left, Guy was constantly singing backup vocals, triggering effects on his percussion pad, and playing drum fills on his half drum kit. On the right, Howard was going back and forth between playing keyboards, singing backup vocals, and picking up his bass. The duo quickly proved that they transcend the modern stereotype of untalented, sell-out DJ’s.

As the night went on, the duo played more of their hits to the everyone’s intense enjoyment. After a drum solo and another song, the show was seemingly over. The DJ’s then announced that they would play two more songs, and that the crowd should “pretend [they] walked off and came back on.”

With the crowd extremely hyped, they began to play “Help Me Lose My Mind,” a slower, more mesmeric groove. This was enjoyable, but couldn’t match the energy that ensued when the duo segued this song into their most popular hit, “Latch.” As this song ended, Disclosure thanked the crowd and went off, with everyone begging for more.

Ultimately, this was an amazing show and there was not one person who wasn’t smiling the entire time. Disclosure and T. Williams got the crowd grooving and everybody danced the night away, not caring about anything else in the world.

– By Matt Gallub
Photo courtesy of Matt Gallub