Students eat a catered dinner at the first Food Advisory Committee at Emory (FACE) meeting of the year Sept. 28./Michelle Lou, Executive Editor

The Food Advisory Committee at Emory (FACE) convened for its first meeting of the academic year Sept. 28 at Cox Hall Ballroom to discuss on-campus dining changes and hear approximately 35 students’ feedback.

Cox Hall now offers a daily deal priced at $6 to $7 at certain stations such as Twisted Taco, according to the Emory Dining staff members present at the meeting.

Director of Campus Dining Chad Sunstein said the dining hall in the forthcoming Campus Life Center (CLC) will seat about 800 people and that Emory Dining is considering installing drink dispensers featuring sparkling and flat water in the CLC.

When asked about the absence of food truck Strada Napoli Pizza, Sunstein said the company was fixing its trucks and would return to campus with its wood-fired pizza shortly.

One student expressed concern about the long lines at the DUC-ling. Kellie Piper, resident district manager for Bon Appetit, said that the cause is an increase in number of enrolled students since last year and smaller space in the DUC-ling. She explained that one solution would be to offer more dining options to “speed things up,” but the logistics behind that solution have not been sorted out.

Another student complained about the removal of the custom-sandwich bar from the DUC-ling. In response, Piper said that move was to increase efficiency and that the dining staff wants to hear from students about the types of pre-made sandwiches they want to see.

“We do really want to know what you like to eat,” Piper said.

Another student, who said that she is lactose intolerant, complained about the prices for almond milk at Highland Bakery. She paid an additional 75 cents for a splash of almond milk, she said. Sunstein replied that they would look into the situation.

A popular request among students was more food options at the Robert W. Woodruff Library. Suggestions included soup and more fruit. The Dining staff members said they would look into adding more options.

A student also inquired about the lemon poppyseed bread at Kaldi’s. Emory Dining representatives said that it was a seasonal item and that it will return shortly.

FACE co-chairs Robert Gershowitz (18B) and Gillian Hecht (18C) introduced a new FACE hotline, 424-488-FACE (3223). Students can text the number at any time with feedback, and FACE said that it would try to respond within a day.

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