Dear Hillary:

This debate was a rough one, but, in my opinion, it wasn’t rough for you. I want to go through the debate and tell you about how I, a newly self-proclaimed nasty woman, reacted to some of the more controversial moments.

First, I think we should start with Donald Trump declining to promise that he would accept the results of the election “if he lost.” I know that you, on the other hand, will respect the will of the people and that no matter what happens, you won’t keep us in suspense like he has done when he said that he would wait to tell us if he would accept the election outcome. I am scared of this refusal — flat-out terrified of the ramifications if he doesn’t accept defeat. I would hate for you to have to deal with that backlash, because we live in a democracy, and the potential leader of a democracy should agree with the basic mechanics of a democracy. If he wins, we will have to live with the fact that our leader doesn’t agree with the government which he leads. This is just one reason that I am with you.

When asked about his policy on immigration, Trump stated that he would build the infamous wall and figure out a plan retroactively, instead of preparing an actual immigration plan ahead of time. You, Hillary, have your plans laid out like a blueprint for everyone to see. It is comforting to know that you have a plan, unlike your opponent, who is fixated on his wall. He berated you for wanting to give amnesty to the immigrants who are already here and who have lives and families from whom they would be torn if deported, which is what Trump seemingly wants. He disagreed when you said you didn’t want to break up families and wanted to protect those working for America. Even if he disagrees with your plan, at least you have one! Presidents must plan — it is simply a fact.

The next aspect is the debacle with Putin and Puppets. When you made a well-planned, intelligent comment about Putin’s influence on this election, Trump fired back, calling you a puppet. But let’s be clear about one thing, you are too strong and independent to be a puppet. Trump denies that Putin is his best friend, and whatever his friendship status with Putin is, I am afraid of a potential president having affiliations with Putin at all. Yet Hillary, even through the puppet accusations, you stayed calm and collected. You didn’t let his blatant offenses and his attempt at manipulation affect you. You are stronger than he.

The main point I wanted to discuss is Trump denying the allegations of sexual assault against him. The way that Trump treats women is appalling. Whether it is his hideous discussion of women and sexual assault or his lack of respect for women in general, it is terrifying. The scariest part is that he thinks he respects women. His actions and words are in no way respectful to women. But Hillary, you know this. You know women and how to respect them, partially because you are a woman and partially because you are just a respectful person in general. Look how you treat Trump in these presidential debates! You don’t yell at him or call him names. You act respectfully. I know I won’t have to fear how you treat people. Hillary, watching you stand up for yourself and your beliefs has inspired me beyond what I thought imaginable. The way you stay so calm, so collected, is inspiring to every woman who has been interrupted or belittled. You are the ultimate role model. While watching the debate, I was struck by how poised you were. I was struck by how strong you were. I was not, however, struck by how nasty you were.

Yes, the ‘nasty woman’ comment will go down in history. Trump called you this to disparage you and to offend you, but your followers and I have twisted his words into something with a positive connotation. Women are reclaiming the phrase “nasty woman.” Do you know why? You’re not nasty, or at least not in the way Trump intended the word. Nasty is now a new word. Nasty now means empowered, intelligent, strong, poised and presidential. I aspire to be as “nasty” as you. I hope your House is as White as your pantsuit, because you’ve earned it. I am proud to say that I, a fellow nasty woman, am with you.

Annie Cohen is College freshman from New Orleans, Louisiana. 

+ posts | Annie Cohen is a College freshman from New Orleans, Louisiana, majoring in English. She joined the Wheel’s Editorial Board Fall 2016. She has a special interest in musical theater and Shakespeare, and she performed in Theater Emory's Fall 2016 production of Romeo and Juliet.