Are you one of the 40% of students who live on campus? You might be wondering how to have a cute yet cozy space within your dorm rules.

You might be tempted to just move in and shove everything under the bed or into the closet. Worse, you might be tempted to drop your belongings wherever and leave it at that.

You can have an amazing space all to yourself, stay organized, and express yourself. Learn how to decorate with style using our five amazing dorm room set up ideas — keep reading!

  1. Plan Ahead

You know the old saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? That applies when moving into your dorm room, too.

Get a list of what you can and can’t bring with you before you move in. Find out the exact measurements too so that you don’t bring what you can’t fit.

  1. Get Cozy

Think about where you’ll be spending the most space. It’s worth it to splurge on that one area to make it extra comfy.

Cramming for tests at your desk all night? Get an ergonomic desk chair.

Typing up and endless essay in your bed? Make it more comfortable with a mattress topper, tons of pillows, or an extra luxurious duvet.

  1. Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Clutter can stress you out, steal your focus, and even make the “freshman 15” worse. The best dorm room setups have unique storage ideas that can keep your dorm tidy and organized.

Here are a few ideas:

  • An ottoman with hidden storage stashes your stuff out of the way and doubles as extra seating
  • Casters on furniture makes it easy to rearrange and deep clean
  • Utilize every square inch of space, like add storage above the door or hooks on the walls

Being organized is the key to success. Don’t let a messy dorm stress you out.

  1. Be Unique

Everyone puts up those same boring posters they sell at the bookstore when they move into their first dorm. Be unique by putting up interesting art on the walls.

Try your hand at abstract painting. If you’re not great at arts and crafts, find someone who is and purchase a few pieces.

This is one of the easiest ways to create a space that’s all yours without taking up too much space. Express yourself and beautify your dorm at the same time.

  1. Let in Light

Lighting is a bigger deal than you think. Not having adequate light can make even the best dorm room arrangement look dull.

Find a few good lamps online or at discount stores. Place them so every corner gets enough light and you’ll see a big improvement.

Best Dorm Room Setup Ideas

Follow these five tips to level up your living area and you’ll have a comfy place with tons of space. You’ll have the best dorm room setup on campus from the very first day!

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