A Dancing Goats Coffee Bar is set to open at the Emory Conference Center Hotel (ECCH) in December, according to ECCH Director of Sales and Marketing Guido Brun.

Brun said ECCH was looking to open a locally based coffee shop in the lobby for a long time.

“We went to Starbucks — we looked at a number of independent roasters, but we really wanted to stay with something local,” Brun said. “That’s why we ended up with Dancing Goats. They have a good reputation, and they’re a local roaster.”

Dancing Goats Coffee Bars are an Atlanta-based chain that is owned by Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters in Olympia, Wash. The company opened its first roastery in Atlanta in 1994.

Brun said the shop’s “unique name” and extended history would provide hotel guests with a local experience.

“We really try to add an experience of the destination for our guests coming into the hotel,” Brun said. “[They have a] unique name … [and] they have their own story about how they came about which we’ll bring into our marketing efforts.”

The name “Dancing Goats” comes from the legend that says a goat herder discovered coffee when he witnessed his goats dance after consuming coffee beans, according to the coffee chain’s website.

Although the shop will primarily cater to hotel guests, Brun said they are also targeting customers in the Emory community, noting that some Emory buildings are within walking distance.

“We do want to tap into the Emory market — the walkable market that has good access to the hotel,” Brun said. “[Rollins School of Public Health] also is not too far from our doorstep.”

The hotel has been working to incorporate references to Emory University in the shop’s name, Dooley’s Grounds, Brun said.

One challenge the shop might face is that it will lack a drive-thru and 10-minute parking spaces, Brun added. However, he said that hotel is working to improve accessibility.