Warning: this article contains references to sexual harassment 

Report of sexual harassment on quadrangle 

A female student reported being sexually harassed on the Atlanta campus quadrangle on March 9 by a male suspect. The Emory Police Department (EPD) has not apprehended the suspect and believes he has approached other female students at the Robert W. Woodruff Library in 2018.

The suspect is described as a thin male in his early 40s with black dreads and tattoo-covered arms riding a bicycle. 

He approached the student, who was not wearing shoes, while posing as a sales representative and inquired about a potential survey on footwear preferences. During the course of the feigned survey, the suspect took a video recording of the student’s feet. Near the end of the encounter, he told the student he needed feet measurements and proceeded to sniff her feet.

The encounter matched reports from 2018, where the suspect allegedly approached barefoot or sandal-clad female students in a similar fashion at the Woodruff Library. EPD is asking for any identifiable information or sighting of the suspect.

Unrelated drug possessions

EPD officers confiscated marijuana from a resident of Hopkins Hall at Emory’s Oxford campus on March 5 after receiving reports from Residence Life (ResLife) staff about a marijuana stench. The student will not face criminal charges because they possessed less than one ounce of marijuana. Campus Life is taking disciplinary action.

Officers confiscated a crack pipe found in an Emory University Hospital (EUH) patient’s belongings on March 5. The patient was not taken into custody, as they were admitted into the hospital. However, doctor-patient confidentiality does not apply because the patient committed an illegal act.

Later that day, EPD officers confiscated a bong, classified as drug paraphernalia, from an Alabama Hall resident after receiving reports that ResLife staff smelled marijuana. The bong had residue of what is believed to be marijuana. The student will not confront criminal charges, but Campus Life is taking disciplinary action.

Public flasher in Lullwater Park

Lullwater Park

A man wearing white and blue shorts in Lullwater Park exposed himself to a woman on March 8. The victim later reported the incident to EPD, noting the suspect was reportedly high on marijuana near a waterfall when the incident occured.

While there are parts of Lullwater Park under video surveillance, coverage of the park is sparse relative to its size.

Alleged unintentional battery

An EUH nurse was treating an older woman who twisted the nurse’s wrist and caused bruising on March 10. 

The nurse was moving a tube in the patient’s side and caused acute discomfort to the patient. The patient responded by immediately reaching for the nurse’s wrist and twisting it. The patient later stated she did not intend to cause harm and just wanted to convey she was in pain.

Since a visible injury was present, the case is classified as battery rather than simple battery, which is when an unwanted touch occurs without visible injury.

Bicycle reported stolen after follow-up

An Emory Point resident reported a stolen bike on March 6 after management posted a notification to check locked bikes in response to a previously reported incident.

The bike is estimated at $700 and had a bike lock and attachments still on it.