On Sept. 11 at 1:19 a.m., Emory Police Department (EPD) responded to a call regarding a fire alarm at 4 Eagle Row, Few Hall. Residence Life Coordinator Greg Hollinger reported there had been a fire in the first-floor kitchen that had already been put out, but there was still a lot of smoke in the area. Facilities Management personnel were also on the scene and identified that burning popcorn caused the fire alarm. Officers observed a piece of melted plastic on the stove top but did not report any significant damage to the area. Hollinger said he was not able to find a student responsible but did report finding wine near the pan. A call to DeKalb County Fire and Rescue was cancelled, according to Facilities Management. A fire safety coordinator was notified about the incident.

On Sept. 13 at 1:45 p.m., EPD responded to a call regarding an incident involving a dog that was bitten by an off-leash dog in Lullwater Preserve. Officers spoke with an individual, who was taking a labrador retriever, a registered emotional support service dog for Atlanta VA Medical Center patients, for a walk in the park. A small, 20- to 30-pound, mixed-breed, white dog with brown patches came out from under the suspended bridge in the park and bit the labrador retriever. The complainant said the service dog sustained bite marks that punctured the flap of her ear and the area behind her jaw. The small white dog was with a Caucasian male who was unable to be identified, according to the complainant. After the service dog was bitten, the man left immediately and walked toward the VA without providing his name or contact information. The complainant then walked the service dog back to the VA, where she was given first-aid treatment before she was transported to the vet. An Emory University employee who witnessed the incident corroborated the complainant’s statement. EPD could not locate the male or the small white dog.

On Sept. 16 at 2:12 a.m., an EPD officer patrolling Baker Woodlands reported smelling burnt marijuana and observed five Emory students standing around a tree stump. He observed them passing around a glass pipe that is commonly used to smoke marijuana. The officer addressed the subjects and told them to stop what they were doing. The officer noticed a prescription bottle belonging to one of the students containing what he suspected to be marijuana, two bags of what he suspected to be marijuana in a Planters peanuts container and a grinder with a green substance in it. The officer reported that three of the subjects had glossy eyes and two did not. The two students without glossy eyes denied smoking marijuana. One student admitted the bowl, grinder and marijuana belonged to him. While obtaining their information, the officer found that one student had two driver’s licenses in his wallet, and the 19-year-old student admitted to using one to get into bars. The officer took the fraudulent license, grinder, pipe and suspected marijuana. The officer then issued citations for violating state charger 16-13-2 B, possession for less than an ounce of marijuana, to the three individuals he observed smoking from the pipe. The three individuals were given a Nov. 17 court date to appear at the Magistrate Court of DeKalb County. Campus Life was notified.

On Sept. 16 at 3:43 p.m., EPD responded to a theft at the Goizueta Business School. Officers spoke with an Emory student who reported his wallet missing, which included multiple credit cards, a Georgia driver’s license, his memory card and a copy of his permanent residence card. He reported that he last had his wallet Sept. 15 at 1 p.m. Multiple fraudulent attempts to complete transactions with his cards had been declined, including a $267 purchase at Rite Aid and a $40 purchase at a Shell station in Atlanta. The case has been assigned to an investigator.

On Sept. 16 at 11:56 p.m., an EPD officer patrolling the intersection of Eagle Row and Peavine Creek Drive witnessed a female subject walking alone on the sidewalk holding an open 12 oz. can of Miller Lite. She attempted to hide the can by placing it behind her as the officer drove by. The officer approached the subject and identified her as an 18-year-old Emory student. The officer took told the student that carrying an open container of alcohol on Eagle Row and drinking under the age of 21 are both illegal. The officer took possession of the can, poured out the alcohol and issued the subject a citation under Georgia Ordinance 16-69, consuming and/or transporting an open container of alcohol. The subject received a Nov. 17 court date at DeKalb County  Magistrate Court. Campus Life was notified.

On Sept. 17 at 3:02 p.m., EPD responded to a call regarding an open door at Candler Mansion. Officers arrived on the scene and met with William Camp, the site’s risk management and security worker, who found an unsecured door on the south side of the building during a security check. Officers discovered a black car parked in near the building and two females and one male unaffiliated with Emory preparing to exit the building. One of the females said that she and her companions were curious and fascinated about the building and its history and that they meant no harm. The officer advised them that they were trespassing and warned them to leave the property and not return without permission from Emory.