– Officers responded to a call on March 27 at 9 p.m. from an individual who claimed that his car had been vandalized. Once officers arrived at the scene, the car was covered in sticky notes, mustard, chocolate syrup and balloons. Vulgar descriptive language was written in Sharpie on the car, including the phrase “Korea sucks.” The individual claimed that he was running for a position on the College Council and said he believes he was a target for that reason.

– On March 23 at 1:40 a.m. officers received a report from a member of the Phi Delta Theta (PhiDelt) fraternity located at 20 Eagle Row that more than a dozen members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity located at 18 Eagle Row were throwing bottles from the back of the house toward the Phi Delta Theta house while screaming profanities directed at the other fraternity. The next day, officers received a call from a member of the SAE fraternity that some time between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m. members of the PhiDelt fraternity were throwing bottles from the Phi Delta Theta house toward the SAE house. Both incidents are currently under investigation.

– On March 27 at 1:39 p.m. the Emory Police Department (EPD) received a call from an individual who claimed her MacBook Pro was stolen from a room in the Physics building.  According to the victim, she left her bag behind a desk and left the classroom  to go to Cox Hall. Upon her arrival she noticed her laptop had been removed from her backpack. The laptop is valued at $1,500. The incident has been turned over to an investigator

– Compiled by Asst. News Editor Dustin Slade