– On Nov. 24 at 7:57 a.m., Emory Police Department (EPD) responded to a call regarding an employee dispute on the second floor of the Grace Crum Rollins building. In the course of terminating the employment of an individual that worked in the building, the individual knocked down food items as she left the area, breaking three bottles of a glass liquid, valued at $25 each. The case has been turned over to an investigator.

– On Nov. 24 at 3:50 p.m., an Emory faculty member called EPD regarding a black Jeep with two dogs in the vehicle in the Michael Street Parking Deck. The faculty member said that she parked her vehicle in the lot at 12:45 p.m., and when she came back, the dogs were still inside the Jeep. The faculty member felt that the dogs were unsafe because the parking deck is not climate controlled. Officers met with the owner of the Jeep, and the individual said that they checked on the dogs multiple times a day and that they had enough food and water for the day.

– On Nov. 24 at 11:22 p.m., EPD responded to a call regarding a narcotics violation at McTyeire Residence Hall. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed a strong scent of marijuana. Officers met with a Resident Advisor who had already confiscated a grinder from the third floor room where the scent originated. Officers issued the citation for the students who the grinder belonged to. Information regarding the case has been turned over to Campus Life.

– On Nov. 25 at 9:41 a.m., EPD received a call from a student regarding a stray cat in front of the Woodruff Library. The student said the cat didn’t have a collar. DeKalb County Animal Control was contacted, but they only respond if the animal is already contained. EPD contacted the facilities management ground supervisor who said that he had a vendor who could rescue the animal. Officers were not able to locate the animal at the location.

– On Nov. 29 at 3:49 p.m., EPD received a call regarding individuals jumping a fence at the Student Activity and Academic Center. Officers identified six individuals at the location and met with them. The individuals said that they didn’t understand why the tennis courts were closed, and they wanted to play soccer. Officers suggested that the individuals go to the Woodruff Physical Education Center to play. Campus Life was notified of the incident.

– Compiled by Crime Beat Writer Brandon Fuhr

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