On Nov. 10 at 5:10 a.m., the Emory Police Department (EPD) received a call in reference to a report of a disabled vehicle on Clifton Road. Upon arrival, the officer noticed that a gray 2013 Nissan Altima with a Georgia tag was parked on a curb. The vehicle’s registration was suspended. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed that the front passenger-side tire was deflated with the rubber completely removed from the rim. It appeared that the car had been in an accident. After examining the scene of the accident, the officer said it appeared that the driver had veered off the road without braking, causing the car to hit the curb at a high speed. Upon looking inside the vehicle, the officer noticed a woman in the back seat sleeping. He knocked on the car door window several times to catch her attention. She eventually responded to the brightness of the officer’s flashlight. The officer asked the woman if she was safe and if she needed any medical attention. She confirmed that she was fine and did not need to see a medical professional. When the officer spoke with the subject, she appeared to be confused about where she was, stating that she was close to her home in Austell, Ga. In addition to her confused behavior, the officer noted the smell of alcohol on the subject’s breath. After recognizing the odor, the officer asked the subject if she was inebriated and if she had drank anything before she started driving. She said that she had a couple of drinks before she started driving. The officer requested Emory Emergency Medical Services (EEMS) so that the subject could be examined before transportation to the DeKalb County Jail. EEMS conducted an initial assessment of the subject and said that she was cleared to be transported. 

On Nov. 10 at 10:28 p.m., EPD responded to a report of marijuana possession at Few Hall. The complainant, a Resident Adviser (RA) at Few Hall, said she was conducting a walkthrough at approximately 10:20 p.m. and smelled what what she thought to be a marijuana coming from a room. She said that she, along with another RA, went into the room and saw a small trash bag on a desk. The student was not in the room. The RA then contacted EPD to confiscate the contraband. The student to whom the room was assigned did not permit the officer to enter his room. However, the officer was able to clearly see the small bag with green substance inside the room and subsequently removed the drugs from the room. Campus Life was notified about the incident.

On Nov. 11 at 6 p.m., EPD responded to the Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building in reference to a narcotics violation. The complainant said that he observed an unknown male smoking what appeared as marijuana while sitting outside of the building on the steps facing the parking lot. Upon arrival, the officer observed two subjects, later identified as Emory students, sitting in the incident area. The officer approached the subjects and explained the purpose of his interaction. As the officer spoke to the subjects, he observed a green canister that he recognized to be a grinder next to one of the subjects. In addition, he observed two packs of rolling papers, two lighters and suspected marijuana on top of white printer paper between the subjects. After explaining the purpose of the interaction to the subjects, the officer asked both the individuals to stand and empty their pockets. One complied without incident. The other appeared to hesitate upon being asked to stand up. However, he eventually complied and removed a clear plastic bag containing suspected marijuana from his right pocket. As the second student stood up to empty his pockets, the officer observed a rolled blunt containing suspected marijuana behind his left side. Both subjects eventually admitted to their reason for being present at the location and expressed remorse regarding the incident. Both subjects stated that they were current international students, and that they had never held an identification card issued in the United States. Campus Life was notified about the incident.

On Nov. 11 at 6:38 p.m., EPD received a theft report via telephone. The complainant, an Emory student, said that she was at the Dobbs Common Table (DCT) in the Emory Student Center between 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and had left her Apple AirPods and a pink case unattended with other items on the table while she went to get her food. She stated that at approximately 2:05 p.m., she noticed she was missing both the AirPods and the pink case. The complainant said that she tracked the AirPods to the dining hall but was unable to track them again later. The complainant stated that she contacted the DCT staff to see if they could check the cameras in the area. She stated that after she checked with the staff throughout the evening, the AirPods had not been returned or found. The complainant valued the Apple AirPods at $174 and the pink case at $8.

On Nov. 11 at 10:22 p.m., EPD responded to a report of narcotics violation at Thomas Hall. The complainant, an RA, said that she had found two individuals smoking suspected marijuana outside of Thomas Hall. The officer made contact with the two subjects, later identified as Emory students. One of them handed the officer a clear Tupperware container containing marijuana, two lighters, rolling papers and a filter. The two subjects were both upfront and honest about being in possession of marijuana. Campus Life was notified about the incident.